Nap Time Notes from a Tired Mama

I have been wanting to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) for weeks now. I’m still adjusting to this new life as a mom and it’s been beautiful but slow moving. I have days where I feel like the newborn fog is lifting and then there are days where I’m covered by a […]

Adoption, Motherhood, and all those Emotions

Adoption has taught me many things over this past year. Patience, trust, awareness of social injustice, and much, much more, but what I didn’t realize was just how much adoption would teach me about motherhood. The lack of control over our process, the selflessness of asking for financial help, the anxiety over their well-being all […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

This afternoon I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Madison, WI, staring out into a frigid winter wonderland. We flew in last night after a marathon of adventures while in transit. We were 10 minutes from landing in Madison at 4pm when the pilot came on the sound system and told us that the plane ahead […]

Five Minute Friday: In Between

These little shoes have little feet to fill them.  Those little feet are on the other side of the world, where my heart is. We are living in the in between of not being parents and being parents. Every morning I wake up and wonder what our daughters had for lunch and if they are […]

Thank You, Mom

Ann Voskamp wrote a post earlier this week about how mother’s day is for the birds. I love how she described motherhood: “Motherhood isn’t sainthood and we’re all a bunch of sinners here and don’t let anyone tell you any different — pushing something out of your womb doesn’t make you a better woman. Real […]

To All My Mighty Mommy Friends

This is a video from one of my favorite bloggers. She wrote a post here to encourage mothers and a company made it a video. For those mommy’s who struggle on Mondays…here is your pep talk 🙂

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