How We Vacation

In about three hours my hubby and I will be driving out of the 116 degree temps of Tucson and hitting the road to tour Northern California! I’m so excited that I couldn’t stay asleep. So while, my husband is still sleeping, I’m going to share with you how we vacation. My sweet husband and […]

The One Where My Husband Hijacks My Blog to Say Happy Birthday (A Day Early)

THE HIJACKER Hi, this is Jason, and I’m Sarah’s husband. THE WHY Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday, and in honor of that, I have hijacked her blog to let all of you know what I love about her. You may ask, why are you doing it the day before? Well, Sarah has been doing this blog […]

The Final Post of “So, there’s this guy…”

Yesterday marked three years since Jason and I had our first date. I’ve been chronicling the story here and here as a way to remember and rejoice in what God did and continues to do in our lives. This last post on our first date is a sweet one for me to write. I don’t […]

“So, there’s this guy…”

Next Sunday will be the third anniversary of my first date with Jason. I look back onto that Wednesday night three years ago and I can’t believe all that has changed! Who knew how one blind date could change the course of one’s entire life. I remember that night so clearly. I also recall the […]

29 Reasons…

Today my handsome husband turns 29! In honor of his last birthday in his 20’s I want to list out the 29 reasons I love my husband (in no particular order): 1) His heart for knowing and loving Jesus more each day. I’m so blessed to have a husband who honors God with his life […]

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