Why Hello There…

I’ve been neglecting this little space for the past few weeks because life here on the ground has been full and exhausting. My extra time that I have had, I’ve used to just lay down…or walk into our girls’ room and wonder what my next project will be (nesting has settled in nice and strong!). […]

My Month in Pictures!

This holiday season I took an unannounced and unplanned break from this blog. I did jump on here to share a little of my mama heart during the adoption process that you can read here if you’d like.  To get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a little of what life […]

Hope in the Waiting

photo by Vladimir Kramer This month has been a month filled with waiting. Waiting for emails from our agency. Waiting to hear if the suspensions will be lifted and other families stuck in country will be able to take their children home. Waiting on this little one that’s growing inside of me. Waiting for my husband […]

Life Lately: Take Me Deeper

“I have hopes. I have desires. If I’m honest, sometimes I hope God’s desires line up with my desires for my life, not the other way around.” ~She Reads Truth study on Daniel  This Sunday at church our pastor shared the hard truth that you can’t have a resurrection without a death. This season of […]

Life Lately: Monday Edition

Today I’m linking up with Blaire at Wild & Precious  Last week was a blur of movement but it also felt like it moved at a snail pace. Do you ever have weeks like that? All week long I was waiting for an email with photo updates of our girls because I knew that they […]

life lately: crazy

How do you come down off of a crazy week? I’m in the process of that today… Last week was absolute craziness for our little family of two. We went from 0-4 kids and thankfully when their grandparents picked them up yesterday, they were still alive and they still loved us (and we were still breathing)! […]

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