Wood House Renovation: Phase One

I said I would post our after pictures today, so here you go! It’s been so fun trying to make this house our home! As you will see, we still need a few things to finalize phase one, which will hopefully happen this weekend! I will let you guess what they might be 🙂 We […]

We Bought a House!

The journey to buying a house all began at a Christmas party on December 5th, 2011. Jason and I had been invited to the party by one of my clients, we felt comfortable going because we knew that there would be at least three people that we knew there (I easily get uncomfortable when I’m […]

A New Year

As this new year began three weeks ago, Jason and I were able to spend some time processing what 2011 brought us and what our hopes and dreams are for the year of 2012. 2011 was one of the hardest years of my life, hands down. Yet it was also one of the most transforming […]

In Honor of My Dad

It’s been awhile and a lot has happened since I’ve last posted! Ran half marathons up mountains, traveled back to Wisconsin to see one of my dearest friends marry her best friend, and began praying about attending a church. BUT instead of blogging about current life today, I wanted to honor my dad. He turns […]

Flying + Flu = The Life of the Wood’s

I just wanted to let all of my three subscribed bloggers that I am still alive and kicking (kinda)! The past three weeks have been filled to the max with preparing to go on a week long vacation to Madison for Jason’s work (I got the vacation, not Jason), a wedding, another wedding, and my […]

My Primal Lifestyle

Now I know that many of my friends who read this title are wondering what in the world am I talking about! Let me give you some back story into this new eating and living lifestyle I’ve adopted over the past 6 months. When Jason moved to Tucson a year ago, he was on the […]

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