My First Memory

The day my sister was born was not necessarily a day I remember very clearly since I was only 3 years old, but it was a defining moment of my little life. I became a big sister. I was no longer an only child. I had a constant playmate. And I was given a new role that […]

31 Stories of Significance

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of becoming a writer. She daydreamed of people reading her words and knowing her name. And then she got scared because people would read her words and know her name. So she closed up her journal and stopped writing. That little girl was me about […]

influence conference 2014 recap

This past weekend I attended the Influence Conference. A conference for Christian women who desire to use their lives to influence those online, in their community, in their homes and at work. Some of the ladies were bloggers, some were small business owners, some were stay at home mommas and many worked outside the home. We all […]

5 months

Dear Naomi, I love writing these little letters to you because it actually gives me a chance to think back on my time with you. While the days often feel never-ending, I feel like I just sat down to write your 4 month old letter yesterday. It’s true what they say about the days seeming […]

A Simple Mom’s Tips for Flying with an Infant

Last month Naomi and I took a long flight to visit my family back home in Iowa and next week we will hop on another plane to go to a blogging conference in Indianapolis. I thought I’d share the limited experience I have with flying for any other moms who might be flying solo with […]

Hey There! (Meet and Greet for #InfluenceConf)

In 9 days, Naomi and I will be hopping on a plane for the second time in her little life! I can’t believe that the Influence Conference is just around the corner. It feels like just yesterday I was boarding a plane at 11 weeks pregnant with all the nervous emotions to head to a […]

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