Fighting Against the Tyranny of the Urgent

I don’t know about you, but I have great intentions for being intentional. I start the week with an idea of a plan, but then I get tired or my time “magically” fills with other seemingly important things that are truly only urgent. My week quickly spirals into a series of rushed tasks and wasted […]

if any of you were wondering…

I realized yesterday that I never posted an update on my consultation with the high risk pregnancy doctor. All is well with tiny twig! And as of right now, my body is functioning just fine with this new little one growing in me. I do have to return for some blood work in 8 weeks […]

Finding the Margin

What is Margin? Having the time to breathe and notice the beauty around you. Having the freedom to arrive to an appointment and not feel rushed or behind schedule. It’s taking a walk at the end of the day because you’re not fretting over what the next thing is that needs to be accomplished. It’s […]


{live worship painting by April Knight @worship_artist} I’m not sure if I have all the words to say about this weekend quite yet. Currently I’m sitting on my hotel bed while my roommates have begun the travel home to their families. My flight, on the other hand doesn’t leave for 11 more hours, so I […]

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