Grinding the Hills of Adoption

My husband and I are coming up on the one-year anniversary of accepting our referrals of our two little girls (M & G), with no finish line in sight. When we initially started the process, we were told to anticipate a 6-8 month wait between accepting a referral and traveling to bring your child home. […]

a movement in my heart

There’s a quiet movement that’s been stirring in my soul for months. It was ignited when I first looked at those two lines on a positive pregnancy test 8 months ago in utter disbelief. There was a clear end to my season of no longer living for myself. There has never been a clear end […]

Five Minute Friday: Hero

I’m up this morning in the wee hours of the day. Sleeping through the night has become a rare commodity as my back and hips stretch and open to make room for this sweet baby girl. Every movement I jolts me up with an achyness that reminds me that my body is not my own. […]

Five Minute Friday: Visit

As I’m working on getting back into writing more regularly, I have found that Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five Minute Friday Challenge helps my creativity juices and also connects me to other woman who have a desire share their heart through the art of writing. “Writing is like the old friend you can always count on to […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

This afternoon I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Madison, WI, staring out into a frigid winter wonderland. We flew in last night after a marathon of adventures while in transit. We were 10 minutes from landing in Madison at 4pm when the pilot came on the sound system and told us that the plane ahead […]

Living…for as long as I’m here

This morning I was preparing to write about the lies I had believed about not being created as a creative being, but then a text came in through my phone that rocked me. I knew it was coming some day, but I had hoped it never would. One of my husband’s dearest friends from work […]

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