Owls for Orphans

I can’t believe that this is the last week of February! I was talking with my dad about that very thing a few weeks back and he looked at me strange and said “I can…this winter has been rough!” I was reminded that I’ve been living in the warm Southwest during one of the harshest […]

An “Ordinary” Woman impacting Lives through Johari Creations

The first time I learned of Lindsy, it was through an online fundraiser her & her husband were apart of to help bring home their daughter, Glory. I loved her story, her fundraising ideas and thought she seemed so “cool”. Little did I know that in less than a year we would be roommates at […]

Giving Back this Thanksgiving: Sole Hope

I love family traditions of all kinds. Growing up, our family had many traditions for every season. One of the things I was most looking forward to in marrying Jason was creating long lasting family traditions. We have created a few in the almost 3 years of marriage, but not many that revolve around the […]

An “Ordinary” Mom making a Difference for the “Least of These” (Lauren Mills)

Hello all! My name is Lauren Mills, writer/blogger at MERCY iNK (the blog) and designer/owner of the MERCYiNK Scripture print shop. The heart of MERCY iNK is to inspire ordinary women to live brave, follow Jesus, and change the world. As you can tell from that little tagline, Sarah and I have similar hearts and […]

Making a Difference

Whew! After writing for 31 days last month, my fingers and brain needed a little break from needing to churn out a post every day. I’m still feeling foggy and not quite sure if any of my words are worthy to be read at this moment but there are some things I’m excited to share […]

i’m a dreamer

I’m a dreamer. Not the visionary-type of dreamer, mind you. I’m a vivid night dreamer. My husband has declared the drive to work “Story time with Sarah” because I often spend the first 10-15 minutes sharing the previous night’s dreams to him (he doesn’t find them as intriguing as I do, but he listens…good man). […]

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