A Simple Mom’s Tips for Flying with an Infant

Last month Naomi and I took a long flight to visit my family back home in Iowa and next week we will hop on another plane to go to a blogging conference in Indianapolis. I thought I’d share the limited experience I have with flying for any other moms who might be flying solo with […]

Reflecting on 20 Weeks of Being Her Momma

This morning I woke up next to the sweetest sleeping baby I’ve ever met. Partly because she was still sleeping at 6:30am (hallelujah!), but mostly because she is mine. As I was surveying her features and praying over another day of nursing, diaper changing, shushing, reading, giggling and who knows what else, I realized that […]

I blinked and 4 months passed

I’m so glad that I’m a blogger in this season of life! This little space will hopefully help me remember the foggy days of being a momma to an itty bitty when the days become even more full. This past month was a joyous blur, filled with another season of firsts. Dear Naomi, The 31 […]

3 Months with Naomi

How is it that Naomi is now 3 months old?! In my heart, it seems like it was only last month that she was laid on my chest as a squealing, squishy newborn, but I look at the calendar (and Naomi) and I realize these 14 weeks have passed with the most ferocity and tenderness I […]

Dear God, please please please and thank you thank you thank you

Ever since I discovered Shauna Niequist‘s writing, I’ve said to my husband countless times “Shauna’s writing is my jam.” Meaning, her words spark hope, bravery and love into my life. This weekend I finished the first book she ever wrote, Cold Tangerines, and I felt like her words were written just for me in this new […]

Dear Naomi: One Month

Dear Naomi, How have 5 weeks already come and gone?! It feels like it was just yesterday that you were placed on my chest as a chubby newborn and now you are (still) a chubby, squeaking, inquisitive baby. These weeks have been filled with so much joy and so many firsts. You and I are […]

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