When the Road gets Bumpy

It was nineteen months ago my husband and I signed the dotted line on our adoption paperwork, committing to an international adoption. Little did we know just how much that commitment was going to change and challenge us. When we first committed to our African adoption, we were told that the wait could be 12-14 […]

The Thrill of Hope

(photo taken from the Influence Network) Hope. It’s what we all look for isn’t it? Hope that our children will come home. Hope that our family will transition well when more are added to the brood. Hope that all will turn out for the best. Hope that life will just. get. easier. But sometimesĀ (most of […]

Don’t go this alone…

Last night I wrote a post for Mercy Found and little did I know that the words I wrote last night were the words that I needed to hear today. I’m so thankful for the online community of adoptive moms that I’ve found through Facebook, the Influence Network & MercyFound Ministries. Here is a portion […]

Navigating the Hard Questions {Mercy Found}

Today I’m over at Mercy Found Ministries talking about navigating the hard questions we sometimes get as adoptive parents and how friends and family can walk this road with us. Mercy Found is a ministry blog created to help adoptive families find community and encouragement on their journey of providing families to the fatherless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

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