On Turning One

Last week my baby girl turned one year old. It was a week filled to the brim with joy and reminiscing. It’s amazing how much life can change over the course of one year. And it is an incredible thing to witness God’s handiwork in creating and growing life in the first year of a baby. […]

A Simple Mom’s Tips for Flying with an Infant

Last month Naomi and I took a long flight to visit my family back home in Iowa and next week we will hop on another plane to go to a blogging conference in Indianapolis. I thought I’d share the limited experience I have with flying for any other moms who might be flying solo with […]

Why Hello There…

I’ve been neglecting this little space for the past few weeks because life here on the ground has been full and exhausting. My extra time that I have had, I’ve used to just lay down…or walk into our girls’ room and wonder what my next project will be (nesting has settled in nice and strong!). […]


On Monday I shared my goals and hopes for 2014. As many bloggers have already done this month, I also wanted to share my word for this year. If you read my most recent post, it won’t come as a surprise. It’s EMBRACE. If you look up embrace in the dictionary it states: to take […]

Goals for 2014

I recently shared a bit of my reflections on last year and how it was just plain, old hard. It was good to reflect, but it’s been even better for me to look forward. I love to plan, schedule, and create routines. It helps my heart feel prepared for what may or may not come […]

My Month in Pictures!

This holiday season I took an unannounced and unplanned break from this blog. I did jump on here to share a little of my mama heart during the adoption process that you can read here if you’d like.  To get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a little of what life […]

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