I’m a Book Nerd

Confession: I’m a book nerd. I am often asked what I’m reading or what I have on my never-ending wish list account on Amazon. I’m not sure how the secret got out that I’m a book nerd, but ever since my first grade teacher taught me to read I’ve had my nose in a book […]

Why Hello There…

I’ve been neglecting this little space for the past few weeks because life here on the ground has been full and exhausting. My extra time that I have had, I’ve used to just lay down…or walk into our girls’ room and wonder what my next project will be (nesting has settled in nice and strong!). […]

Friday’s Five Favorite Things

These are five things I’m loving this week… 1. Sevenly is an organization that raises money and awareness for people all over the world. Each week they highlight a different need/non-profit and gives $7 to the charity from each item bought in their store. This week they are partnering with Action Against Hunger to feed starving children […]

California Vacation

Our 2200 mile road trip through Northern California will definitely go down as one of our favorite vacations! We were able to do all of our favorite things…read, sleep, rest, talk, drink lots of coffee and wine, eat very good food, explore a new city, hike, sit by the ocean, and take a few crazy […]

“So, there’s this guy…” Part Two

I don’t remember how many days had passed after that day at the store, but one sunny afternoon I was training on the Cedar River trails for my marathon. I had passed Scott, the running store-owner, on the trail and did the runner appropriate wave and continued as he moved on at his gazelle-like pace […]

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