Embracing Today

Back in January, I declared that this year my word would be Embrace. In the past I had struggled with wishing away my current season because I thought the next one would bring more happiness, more comfort, less pain…pretty much it would just be better than the life I was living now. I knew that […]

Dear Naomi: One Month

Dear Naomi, How have 5 weeks already come and gone?! It feels like it was just yesterday that you were placed on my chest as a chubby newborn and now you are (still) a chubby, squeaking, inquisitive baby. These weeks have been filled with so much joy and so many firsts. You and I are […]

The Most Painful & Beautiful 24 Hours (part 2)

Yesterday I left y’all hanging and it drove most of you crazy! I’ll just pick up where I left off… (if you didn’t get a chance to read part 1, click here) Now I had mentioned that my midwife accidentally broke my water when I was still around 3 cm dilated. After that my contractions […]

Naomi Elizabeth is HERE!!!

  Naomi Elizabeth Wood April 23rd, 2014 at 9:12am 8lbs & 20.25 inches long Two weeks ago our lives were forever changed by this beautiful bundle of joy! Her birth was beautiful and I was so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful team to help me labor and deliver her into the world […]

Still Here…

Hey friends! I just wanted to pop in and say that my expanded belly and I are still here! I’m taking a hiatus until this little lady decides to make her appearance. I will share with you when she does finally arrive and then I may take another break to refocus on what I want […]

The Final Stretch: Surrender & Embrace

(photo by Katie Reich) I was hoping in the final weeks of my pregnancy I would have been able to write and share more of what God has been doing in my heart through this pregnancy, but fatigue and general preparation for baby Wood  have stalled my writing habits. This final stretch of my pregnancy […]

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