7 months…and 2 weeks

I’m fairly late in sharing Naomi’s 7 month post, mainly because she has been keeping me BUSY!! This past month was such a blur with flying to Vegas for a conference, Thanksgiving, my husband traveling multiple times for work and family…it’s just been a full season of life. And I’m loving it! I may be […]

6 Months

Dear Naomi, This morning your daddy and I cuddled on the couch as we watched you play in your jumper. I can’t speak for your daddy, but I shed a few tears as I watched you jump around, push the music buttons and giggle as you grabbed your toys. You’ve been on this earth for […]

5 months

Dear Naomi, I love writing these little letters to you because it actually gives me a chance to think back on my time with you. While the days often feel never-ending, I feel like I just sat down to write your 4 month old letter yesterday. It’s true what they say about the days seeming […]

Reflecting on 20 Weeks of Being Her Momma

This morning I woke up next to the sweetest sleeping baby I’ve ever met. Partly because she was still sleeping at 6:30am (hallelujah!), but mostly because she is mine. As I was surveying her features and praying over another day of nursing, diaper changing, shushing, reading, giggling and who knows what else, I realized that […]

I blinked and 4 months passed

I’m so glad that I’m a blogger in this season of life! This little space will hopefully help me remember the foggy days of being a momma to an itty bitty when the days become even more full. This past month was a joyous blur, filled with another season of firsts. Dear Naomi, The 31 […]

Nap Time Notes on Family

Little Miss Naomi fought and fought to go down for her nap today, but she is finally out and I have just enough brain power to type out a few words. This past Saturday we said good-bye to my sisters after they spent a week spoiling (deservedly so) their new niece. It brought so much joy as […]

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