An Easy Way to get Involved!

In a previous post, I mentioned a website that highlights our story of adoption and donates half of the proceeds to our adoption (if you put our names in the notes section). This week Once Was Lost is having a grant fundraising contest! The fundraiser is two-fold. The GRANT will start at $100 dollars and […]

And We Are Adopting From…..

AFRICA!!! We are thrilled to share this with you! We have been telling our family and friends over the past three weeks that this was the route we were taking, but to announce it to the blogging world is so exciting because it makes it feel so much more real! We can’t post online the […]

Letting Go of My Perfect

Since I was a little girl, I had an ideal family pictured in my head. I was married to a handsome man (which I am) and we had a whole brood of children that looked exactly like us. We lived this perfect life where we lived happily ever after. God shifted that over the past […]

Our New Journey (pt. 2)

I mentioned in the previous post that Jason and I had been talking about adoption since we were dating. Let me share a little story from that time in our life… We were probably three dates into our new relationship and Jason and I were fairly certain that this relationship would lead to marriage. We […]

Our New Journey (pt. 1)

This morning I was reminded by a close friend that I needed to get the story I’m about to share “out there already”! So here we go… It was almost one year ago to the date that Jason and I started walking (what we would find to be) the long journey of becoming parents. A day in […]

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