The Heart of a Father

Today you have the pleasure of hearing from my husband, Jason. Grab a tissue and enjoy reading how God has been working in Jason’s heart as we walk this adoption journey. Adoption. It can be an insanely tiring process. You fill out a form and then you wait. Then you fill out another form and […]

Adoption Update: Finally!

On April 6th, we were told of a pair of sisters who were eligible for adoption and our agency asked us if we’d like to have their pictures sent to us. We hesitantly said yes. Just a few days prior, our hearts had been wrecked when we found out we had lost our referral for […]

2013 was Hard

2013 was quite the year. So many blessings. So many heartaches. Moments when I didn’t think I could go on and days that were filled with so much unexpected joy that my heart was about to burst. But mostly is was HARD. As I lived through 2013 and more and more things went wrong (4 […]

Adoption, Motherhood, and all those Emotions

Adoption has taught me many things over this past year. Patience, trust, awareness of social injustice, and much, much more, but what I didn’t realize was just how much adoption would teach me about motherhood. The lack of control over our process, the selflessness of asking for financial help, the anxiety over their well-being all […]

The Thrill of Hope

(photo taken from the Influence Network) Hope. It’s what we all look for isn’t it? Hope that our children will come home. Hope that our family will transition well when more are added to the brood. Hope that all will turn out for the best. Hope that life will just. get. easier. But sometimes (most of […]

A Few of my Favorite Things

I mentioned yesterday that I love paper-beaded necklaces and so I had to share another beautiful piece! And my friend Kristen shared a little more about how the beads are made and where they are made. It’s a very special piece for her: I want to share about the paper beads, as they are some […]

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