Hope Renewed

I’ll be honest. When it came to our adoption, even up until yesterday, I was feeling hopeless. I was more nervous than excited to bring home a 3.5 and 2.5 year old. I was wondering if this was all worth it. I was feeling forgotten. That my girls were being forgotten. I had been praying […]

The Day We Said Yes

18 months ago we were running an adoption fundraiser yard sale in the hot Saturday morning at a church parking lot. I was still grieving the loss of our referral of B & B, yet determined to have hope that God had a plan for our family and trust that He would use our fundraiser to lift […]

one step closer and it’s gotten easier

The past few days the song “A Thousand Years” has been on repeat in my head. If you’re not familiar with the song, listen to it here (or just think back to the Twilight theme song). I have died every day waiting for youDarling, don’t be afraid I have loved youFor a thousand yearsI’ll love […]

Nap Time Notes on Adoption

Naomi is down for her nap, but I think it’s going to be a short one. I won’t complain though…she slept 11 hours straight last night! Good job baby! I realized this morning that it’s been ages since I’ve given an actual update on how we are doing with our adoption process. Partly because I’ve […]

When the Road gets Bumpy

It was nineteen months ago my husband and I signed the dotted line on our adoption paperwork, committing to an international adoption. Little did we know just how much that commitment was going to change and challenge us. When we first committed to our African adoption, we were told that the wait could be 12-14 […]

Owls for Orphans

I can’t believe that this is the last week of February! I was talking with my dad about that very thing a few weeks back and he looked at me strange and said “I can…this winter has been rough!” I was reminded that I’ve been living in the warm Southwest during one of the harshest […]

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