My Living Unplugged Recap: Where We Go from Here

As many of you may have noticed (or not) I stopped writing about living unplugged the last few entries (except for Rachel’s awesome post)! It’s not because I started watching television again, but because I ran out of ideas on this topic. Like I had said in a previous post, this idea had good intentions […]

Living Unplugged: Rachel’s Experience

Today I’m having a close friend that I met way back in college share how living unplugged this month has positively impacted her life as a wife, mom, and woman. I love what she has to say, specifically because of how it changed the way she parented her daughter during the day. Enjoy reading Rachel’s […]

November is Adoption Month!

I am so excited for the month of November on my blog! I will be highlighting different aspects of adoption because this month is Adoption Awareness Month (did you know that?) AND I will also be introducing you to a few ladies who I have the honor to call my friends. I have met all […]

Navigating the Hard Questions {Mercy Found}

Today I’m over at Mercy Found Ministries talking about navigating the hard questions we sometimes get as adoptive parents and how friends and family can walk this road with us. Mercy Found is a ministry blog created to help adoptive families find community and encouragement on their journey of providing families to the fatherless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

What’s on your reading list?

photo by Alejandro Escamilla Lately the exhaustion I am experiencing has been at an all time high. I haven’t slept the past 3-4 nights and it’s been hard to do anything outside of my everyday chores. I’ve been tempted multiple times to just lay on the couch and turn on a show, but because I […]

He’s Living Unplugged too…and writing more

My husband, Jason, chose to join up with me on this 31 days of living unplugged and he’s been using some of that time to stretch his writing muscles (he’s more often a photographer). Here is a post that he wrote on marriage (you can read it here too): Some Marriage Advice 10* things I’ve […]

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