Naomi Elizabeth’s 8, 9, & 10 Month Update

IMG_2344 2So yeah…you could say that I fell off the bandwagon of writing Naomi’s monthly updates! Week after week of not writing them, I began to feel more and more guilty that it wasn’t happening. And finally, I let myself off the hook. No one was breathing down my neck to make sure Naomi had a monthly record of what her first year was like. Granted, I would have loved to be able to keep a better track of her milestone. But as my first year of motherhood is nearing it’s end (cue the tears), I’ve learned a few things about myself…including the fact that I struggle with staying in the present moment and savoring the beautiful every-day life of mothering an infant. When I took the pressure off of being sure I kept track of all the things Naomi was doing, I started to feel freedom to just enjoy the smiles, the never-ending movement and giggles from my beautiful daughter.



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That said, I do want to do a quick wrap up of these past few months. In short, it’s been BUSY and EXHAUSTING and WONDERFUL. Watching Naomi grow up and develop her joyful personality has been so humbling. As I rock her to sleep every night, I’m amazed and humbled that I have the privilege to be her momma. She has taught me to not take myself so seriously. She has taught me that every day is a gift and each day holds beauty. God has used this season in my life to help me realize just how much I need Jesus and His grace to get up each morning to give all of myself to a little human who is very helpless.

During her 8-10 months, she has started crawling, pulling herself up, says “da-da” “asha” “dog” “mama”, she can sign “all done”, “more” and we are still working on “thank you”, “milk” and “please”. She LOVES to be outside, so we go on walks to the park almost daily. She LOVES her dogs. We are pretty sure that her first word was Asha, the name of our boxer. I can foresee lots of shenanigans with Asha. Naomi loves Nora too, but Nora is still happier when she isn’t being crawled all over and poked at (which is understandable!). She still doesn’t sleep through the night, but we are working on that. She has finally started to fully enjoy eating solid food, but still prefers momma’s milk. She loves to go to the zoo to look at the ducks and giraffes. She is pretty fascinated by the tigers & elephants too.

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This year I also joined a crossfit gym and Naomi comes with me 1-2 times a week. She loves to watch all of the people lift heavy weights and do pull-ups. I’m so thankful that the people at the gym love Naomi and help me out when I want to finish a workout and Naomi is wanting to be held or played with. We have truly found a great community at GTX. Especially since we’ve gotten a few baby-sitters out of the whole deal too (thanks for watching Naomi while I write this Meagan!).IMG_2304

Overall, these last few months have stretched me but I’ve also found my groove with parenting. I feel more comfortable leaving Naomi with friends so I can have some time alone to feel refreshed. I’ve been able to find time to workout and eat better again. And Jason and I are also finally starting to find time again to reconnect. I’m not saying that we have this whole thing figured out, but I definitely see God’s grace in this season and that He truly gives me my daily bread.


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Some days are still pretty hard, but after a good cry and a good nap, we can always try again! 



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