Goals with Grace – March

This past Christmas Jason gifted me with Lara Casey‘s powersheets to help me define my goals and have a clearer focus and plan of action for the things that matter most to me. I took the month of January to rest and recap my previous year rather than rush into making goals for the sake of making goals.

My desire for this year is that it would be a year of intentional simplicity. I know the “rule” is to only have one word for the year, but every time I thought about what I wanted both of these desires rose to the top. I want my life to be intentional. I want to say “yes” to things that bring me life and benefits my family and close friends. I also want my life to be simple, so that I know what I want to say yes to and what I want to say no to. I also just want my home and heart to have a simplicity that produces peace and freedom.

Writing all of that down at the beginning of the year was easy. It’s the living it out lately that has been difficult. Exhaustion. Illness. Adoption frustration. Did I mention Exhaustion?? All of these things left me feeling a little deflated after February and here I am 4 days into March and just getting to my March goals (at least it’s still the first week, so that’s a win!).

You know that old saying “In like a lion, out like a lamb”? I’m really hoping that March is like that for us. Something I realized this morning as I rocked my sick baby, was that the only way that March will end a little more gentler is if I am gentle with myself and if I’m intentional with the time that I have.

So, I’m writing this blog post with a baby strapped to my chest in hopes that writing out my goals will give me the encouragement I need to live this month with intention.

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Monthly Goals:

1. Restart my mornings with Jesus. Lately, Naomi and I have been waking up at the same time…sometimes because she hears me try to quietly get up or because I sleep in with her. When that happens, I don’t slow down to turn my heart towards Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit. My desire is that whether Naomi is up or not, I will start my day with Jesus, in His Word and in prayer.

2. Plan my evening rhythm. I’ve noticed that my evenings have gotten away from me and I haven’t been using them for good purposes (reading, writing, connecting with Jason). I want to figure out a way to use these Fringe Hours for good (you should check out that book!).

3. Eliminate Unhealthy Snacks. My sugar addiction tends to rear it’s ugly head when I am exhausted. I want to find some more self-control in this area.

4. Schedule 2 Date Nights OUT with Jason. This means finding a baby-sitter and making a plan for the other date nights at home to also be intentional and passionate.

5. Create  a capsule wardrobe for the Springtime. I’m simplifying my clothes each month and hoping to have an easy go-to wardrobe for this next season. Which will hopefully keep me out of yoga pants more often!

6. Plan a yard sale for the end of the month. This goes with our desire to simplify and also to raise funds for our adoption expenses.

7. Print family photos and hang them on the wall. We have beautiful family photos taken by my dear friend that are just sitting in my computer waiting to be displayed in our home.

8. Read 3 books (at least one should be fiction).

9. Invest in the women of my missional community at church. My husband and I lead a small group (called a Missional Community) at our church and it’s been my desire this year to spend more intentional time with the ladies outside of our weekly meetings.

10. Invest in my marriage. Date nights, reading a marriage book, talking to Jason about things other than Naomi.

My Weekly Goals:

-Write one blog post a week

-declutter one area of our home

-connect with out of state family members

-plan friend time

-intentional date nights

-spend 2 hours by myself, practicing self-care

maintain exercise regimen (I love my new crossfit gym!)

-write a note to a friend

-meal plan with Jason

So those are my goals for this month! I’ll be back next month with a recap of how I hopefully lived intentionally in March with some new goals for April.

Do you make goals? If so, what are they? I’d love to encourage you to help make 2015 the best year yet!




  1. Whoa those power sheets look awesome! LOVE your theme word for 2015. Amen to simplicity. Let me know if you guys need a sitter for your date nights. I would love to help out when I can. 🙂

  2. And you just wrote the perfect post for me. I’m right there with you with teething babies and sick kiddos and exhaustion!!! I’m stealing every single one of your goals. They are perfect for my life right now! Love you, friend!

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