Hope Renewed

I’ll be honest.

When it came to our adoption, even up until yesterday, I was feeling hopeless. I was more nervous than excited to bring home a 3.5 and 2.5 year old. I was wondering if this was all worth it. I was feeling forgotten. That my girls were being forgotten.

I had been praying for God to renew my heart and remind me that yes this two year wait will be redeemed and that God had called us to adopt.

Last month, one of my friends I met via this whole crazy adoption journey let me know that she and her husband were traveling to our children’s country for a visit. I had initially asked her to take a care package for us and then I hesitantly asked if we could do a Skype/Facetime visit with our girls while they were there. She said yes! (Michelle & Bill, you are amazing!)

We had been told a few days ago that one of our in-country lawyers would take the girls over sometime on Friday. Which means that it would probably fall into the 3am-9am time period for us. Last night, I set my phone to the highest volume setting so I would wake up if they called. But I should have known that I wouldn’t sleep at all. When I did sleep, I dreamt about meeting them…some of those dreams were pretty crazy!

At 7:30, Jason and I were getting a little nervous because we weren’t sure if we should start driving him to work or if he should call in “sick” and we’d take a family day…but then the phone rang. And I saw these beautiful faces…

facetimeAnd my heart leapt out of my chest. Jason and I cried as we saw my Glory-girl smile for the very first time and blow me kisses. Our hearts were filled with joy as Moriah reached for the phone to try and touch baby Naomi. We laughed as Naomi tried to wave to her sisters across the ocean and attempted to talk to the phone. We watched them open the care package and start coloring in the coloring books and squeezing the little dolls we sent over. We saw how healthy and happy they looked. Through the poor internet connection, we saw them point to our pictures and say “Mama” and “Dada”.

All the worry I had about adding two children to the Wood-clan vanished in a matter of seconds.

Where doubt once was, hope rushed in.

Longing was renewed.

And the aching pain of them not being here resurfaced.


(On a light-hearted note, we FINALLY figured out what name goes with which girl!)



  1. Oh my goodness this is precious! Brought tears to my eyes! Praying you get to bring these girls home soon!!!

  2. And I am BAWLING reading this!!!! I remember the anticipation of a skype session with our girl and then the absolute JOY of seeing her- she is real! This is real! Oh Sarah! I love that you “met” your girls. And they waved and blew kisses and your hope was renewed. I know exactly what you mean about questioning all of it. I got to the point that I was so anxious about bringing home a 2 1/2 year old and was so worried that she would never actually come home, that I started down the road of hopelessness and questioning IF we heard God correctly. I know that your girls are deeply loved and I’m praying that they are in your arms soon. That God receives all of the glory for the mountains that need to tumble out of your path.

    • Jenny, your words always encourage me! Whenever I look at your family and see Charlotte and Sylie (and the boys) thriving and bonding-I’m given hope that God can bind our family together when the girls come home too! Keep praying for us and the other families. Love you friend!

  3. Oh, sweet friend, thanks for sharing your JOY! So glad you got to talk to them!! Praying that the wait ends soon.

  4. gary gravert says:

    I don’t know if it is the coach, the grandpa or the dad in me, but I just want to go get those girls right now!

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