6 Months

Dear Naomi,

This morning your daddy and I cuddled on the couch as we watched you play in your jumper. I can’t speak for your daddy, but I shed a few tears as I watched you jump around, push the music buttons and giggle as you grabbed your toys. You’ve been on this earth for 6 months now…half a year. And what a joyous 6 months this has been. We’ve for sure had our struggles and bumps along the way, but every morning I get to wake up to the happiest smiles I’ve ever seen and my heart explodes with love all over again.

pumpkin Naomi

I can’t believe how much you have grown. Especially in this past week! Last Wednesday you started sitting up all by yourself at your friend Micah’s house. I think you wanted to show him and Lillian that you are a big girl too! Since that moment, your development has moved at a rapid pace. You can hold yourself up on the couch. You’ve finally decided that you’ll roll over (still only when you want to). You’re realizing cause and effect more often, which makes peek-a-boo so very fun! You don’t like to lay on your back anymore because you can’t see anything, so you’d rather be in your jumper or sitting up on your playmat. You are babbling back and forth with us and the puppies, who still make you giggle like crazy. You’re grabbing for everything. You’re starting to dance to music, which is adorable when you do it in your bumbo. And I can’t wait to start introducing you to solid foods…well, I should say I’m kind of excited…it makes me feel like you’re getting too big at the same time!

naomi sitting up

Most of our challenges this month has been in regards to your sleeping habits. It’s been awhile since you’ve had a solid chunk of sleep at night, but I’m betting that it’s because of the wonder weeks that I learned about from my friend Amanda. Once I realized you were in a major development growth spurt, I stopped fighting the lack of sleep we were both getting and decided to ride out this storm with you. Currently you are taking the longest nap you’ve taken in weeks, so I’m hopeful that we have turned a corner! You still exclusively breastfeed, which I love and am so thankful for, but you still won’t take a bottle so it’s been harder for Mommy and Daddy to find Mommy & Daddy time. But we’ve had a blast having you as our tagalong for date nights. The waiters love you and the way you charm them with your beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks.

Soon after you turned 5 months, you and I hopped on another airplane and flew to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference. You were a big hit with the other mommas in the Thrive Moms suite! I’m so thankful for your easy-going personality because that weekend could have been very rough for the both of us due to the 3 hour time difference! I can’t wait to see how your personality continue to grow and develop over time.

Your daddy and I also took you on your first trip to the ocean this month and I think you love the ocean as much as your momma does. I’m so excited to continue to take you on adventures and to show you this big world we all live in.

ocean Naomi

daddy and ocean


Six months seems a little more nostalgic to me than other months in the past. Partly because we are half way done with your first year of life, but also because I’m realizing even more just how fleeting this time is. I want to soak up these moments with you and really invest my time into being the mom God has created me to be for you, sweet girl. It’s so easy to start thinking that I need to do certain things or be a certain type of mom, but God has knit me together to be just the type of mom that you need. I don’t need to try to be like anyone else other than who God wants me to be. (Can you tell this is something that I’m struggling with lately? God is working on your momma!)

So as we enter tho new month of learning and growing, I can’t wait to see how God changes both of us.

Love you sweet girl,

Your Momma

Look how tiny you were just minutes you entered this world!

newborn Naomi


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