The Day We Said Yes

18 months ago we were running an adoption fundraiser yard sale in the hot Saturday morning at a church parking lot. I was still grieving the loss of our referral of B & B, yet determined to have hope that God had a plan for our family and trust that He would use our fundraiser to lift our spirits and remind us of His faithfulness.

We had been matched with B & B for 7 weeks and then a call came to us letting us know that an uncle had surfaced and wanted to parent the girls. I knew in my head that keeping those girls in their biological family and in their culture was the best for them, but my heart still thought of them as my daughters. It was a loss that I didn’t know how to process, yet God was gracious to remind me that He is in control.

God had done a lot of healing in my heart since I got the call that dropped me to my knees and racked me with sobs.

The day before the yard sale, I had called our adoption coordinator and cautiously told her, “Yes, we will still accept a referral if one comes up.” We knew God had called us to be a family for the fatherless and even though our hearts were broken and confused, we wanted to continue to pursue the children God had set us apart for.

Back to that Saturday morning at the garage sale, I saw I had missed a call from our adoption coordinator. I stepped out from negotiating prices and called her back.

“We have a pair of sisters that we think you might be interested in learning more about, I’m sending you their pictures right now. Let me know if you want to move forward.”

I walked back to the table and whispered to Jason, “We are getting pictures of a pair of sisters today.” We hugged each other, took a deep breath, and kept working our sale and also constantly checked our phone for the email notification.

It was Jason that came to me in tears, “They’re beautiful.” I whipped out my phone and opened the email from our coordinator.


We cried over their pictures and knew that even though we were terrified to say yes, we were looking at the girls that God had graciously given us. We knew that this might mean heartbreak and a long journey but we were committed to bringing them home.

Little did we know that we would still be saying these words 18 months from that first “Yes.”

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