Door County

Next week, our little family is headed to San Diego for our first family vacation. The excitement for this trip has brought back so many childhood memories of our trips up to Door County, Wisconsin with my family.

Door County Camping

The day would start before daylight with my dad gently carrying each of his children down the stairs and into the garage where he would carefully buckle us all in. The car had been packed the night before so we could get as early a start as possible for our day trek to the beautiful countryside of Door County. My mom had baked blueberry crisp muffins the night before so we could stop at a park and enjoy those special muffins.

The whole drive, I would nervously look back at our pop-up camper and bikes attached to the station wagon (or mini-van depending on what summer) in fear that the bikes would fall off or the pop-up would come unhinged. “Sarah, everything is attached just fine. Trust me, now just read your book,” my mom and dad would say over and over again.

Madison would be our half way point, so we booked a room at a hotel before we “roughed it” for the next 10 days. When we would arrive in Madison, we took advantage of the “Free Zoo” so we could see all the animals and stretch our legs a little. We’d have a picnic meal by the lake and feed the ducks a loaf of bread. And then the next day, we’d be off to Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in Door County.

We’d be greeted by a 15 foot statue of Yogi Bear and instantly we’d be asking mom and dad if we could go swimming or bike-riding, or mini-golfing! After getting our campsite squared away, mom and dad would grab our bikes for us and send us out to play at the park or go swimming or do what ever we’d want to do, so they could set up the camper and our eating tent.

And for the next 10 days my sisters and I would explore, swim, meet new friends, bike, craft, mini-golf, dance, and sit by the campfire as my dad told stories of the big black dog.

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