My First Memory


The day my sister was born was not necessarily a day I remember very clearly since I was only 3 years old, but it was a defining moment of my little life. I became a big sister.

I was no longer an only child. I had a constant playmate. And I was given a new role that would last me my whole life.

On May 23rd, I took on the new title of Katie’s big sister. It was the start of a new season of life where I began to learn what it looked like to share, to show compassion, to fight, to communicate. It was also in this role where I first learned that I was a feisty manipulator, terribly competitive, and a very bossy girl.

When I think back to the actual day Katie was born, I remember sitting on my babysitter’s brown, overstuffed sofa waiting for my grandparents to pick me up so I could go meet my new sibling. I would peek out the front window in hopes to see Grandma’s car pull up so that I could go hold a little baby and see my mommy.

Soon after Katie came home, I was told that I took it upon myself to try to care for many of her needs. Including picking her up out of her crib when she was just a few days old because she was crying and carrying her down the stairs and out the door to mommy who was hanging out clothes to dry. Thinking about that now gives me heart palpations!

At 3 years old, I was already becoming someone who would see a problem and try to take control of the situation so that I would be more comfortable. That desire to control often hurt my sister (and 3 years later, another sister) and frustrated her. I remember specifically after a fight we had when we were probably 6 and 3, Dad came into my room, sat me down and said, “Sarah, your friends-they will come and go, but your sister will be with you till your old and gray. Your friendship with her is so very important.”

I didn’t fully understand what he meant by those words as a little girl, but now when I look at my sister(s) I see lifelong friends who I will have the privilege of growing old with.

That day 26 years ago was a very significant point in my life. I’m so thankful for the lessons of grace, forgiveness, and friendship I have learned through being a sister.



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