I blinked and 4 months passed

I’m so glad that I’m a blogger in this season of life! This little space will hopefully help me remember the foggy days of being a momma to an itty bitty when the days become even more full. This past month was a joyous blur, filled with another season of firsts.


Dear Naomi,

The 31 days between months 3 and 4 have probably been my favorite with you. I’ve loved every minute of having you in my life, but this past month your daddy and I started to see more of your personality shine through. You love people. You light up a room with your smile and your coos. Just this past weekend at a Labor Day BBQ, you had the attention of everyone in the room as you giggled and jabbered at Miss Jen. I pray that that trait will be used to point others to Jesus as you grow big. You make your preferences known very clearly with what your daddy and I call the baby whine. You love to have us or a person in your line of sight at all times so you can chat with them.

Developmentally, you are keeping pace. You haven’t seemed interested in rolling over quite yet, but you do it from time to time. I think you just like to stay in one place and I am not rushing it either. You are grabbing and pulling at anything within reach. You are really wanting to sit up by yourself, but love to sit in the bumbo. You love being able to see everything and know what’s going on (which has been making breastfeeding in public interesting…). You have developed into a little early riser and get up with the sun at 5:30 (we’re going to have to work on changing that…).


Your favorite things right now are Nora and Asha. You laugh, smile and talk at them all the time. Your daddy and I like to chase the dogs with you because it makes you giggle HARD and it wears out the puppies (double win).



You went on your first plane trip this month to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gravert because momma was in a wedding. You did an amazing job on the flights and everyone said how impressed they were at how happy you were the whole time. Our time in Iowa was also so fun. You were able to meet Uncle Gabe, Great-Aunt Pam, Great-Aunt Sue & Uncle Jim, Uncle Kyle, and Aunt Kaytlin. And we all were able to meet your new cousin Lily! You even got to meet some of my college friends and half the town of Albia at the wedding. We spent lots of time with your aunts and we visited with Grandma & Grandpa Wood. You were a champ the whole week we were visiting even though it was filled to the brim with trips and activities. We had a great time!




Your only picture in your wedding outfit because an hour later, you had a massive blowout…thank goodness for grandmas who took care of that while momma was in a wedding!

And in the blink of an eye, you turned 4 months! We celebrated your 4 month birthday with a little trip to a fun coffee shop in downtown Tucson. I can’t wait to see what this month holds for you and all new things you will experience!



Your Momma

Mommy Notes:

Weight at 4 month mark: 14 lbs 13 oz; Height 24.5 inches. Still sleeping in momma & daddy’s room. Loves the water and her puppies. Hates laying down flat. Exclusively breastfed and won’t take a bottle still (sweet baby prefers her mommy all the time).








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