Stitch Fix #1


Two weeks ago I received my first Stitch Fix in the mail! It was the happiest mail day!

What is Stitch Fix, you ask?

Hmmm… the best way to describe it is that it’s an online personal stylist.

  • You fill out a (free!) super thorough style profile, and whenever you feel like it, you order a Fix.
  • Based on what you’ve told them about yourself, your stylist selects five things that will flatter your shape, your coloring, and your style.
  • The goodies arrive at your door on the scheduled date and you wait ever-so-impatiently until naptime or shower time or whatever. THEN, you get to try everything on!
  • See what works with what you already have in your closet. See what the style cards suggest for how to wear things (you might be surprised!). Take photos – text them to your friends and ask their opinion! (Or sync fixes with a friend and try them on together!) It’s all about the experience. It’s fun!
  • When the fun is over and you’ve put away your iPhone camera, you simply hang the things you love in your closet (or wear them straight out of the box, let’s be honest!), and return what you didn’t.
  • Shipping is free both ways. The styling fee is $20/fix and you can just apply that amount toward whatever you buy.
  • The more you order a fix, the more the stylist can work with your likes and needs to get the exact things you want.
  • Refer friends and family and you receive an additional $25 in credit!

It’s low risk, high fun! And you might even learn a thing or two about yourself!

photo 1

I hate shopping (especially now with an infant) and so when I heard about this company over a year ago, I wanted to jump right in. But soon after I learned I was pregnant and didn’t want to spend the money on clothes that wouldn’t fit for the next 9+ months. So as a post baby gift, my husband surprised me with a Stitch Fix order! He even tried to fill out the style profile himself (he was spot on with my preferences), but decided to let me know about it to make sure that he had my new sizes correct. He knew that you don’t give a postpartum mommy clothes that are either too small or too big…it wouldn’t have gone over well! 🙂

Another aspect that I love about Stitch Fix is that my stylist sends me a personal note and a styling card for each piece so that I have an idea of what I can mix and match with the tops or bottoms. This has even helped me style myself with the clothes that are currently hanging in my closet.

In this box I asked specifically for tops that are functional for nursing and lightweight for the Arizona heat. Here is what I was sent (enjoy the no make-up, tired and probably no shower look from me):

photo 2

This was the Adrianna Tie-Dye Print V-Neck tank. I wasn’t in love with it. The cut was a little too deep for my comfort level and the color washed me out. I did love the fabric and it would be perfect for the Arizona heat. But I didn’t love it, so we sent it back.

photo 3

The Priya Graphic Chevron Print Mixed Material Tank (with a little Nora photobomb). When I pulled this one out I was so excited. I had seen this top on their Instagram and was hoping to be able to try it on. Sadly, I didn’t like the way it felt around my mid-section. I loved the design and the fabric, but the cut just wasn’t for me. So this went back too.

photo 1

The Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank and the Cindie Linen Shorts. I LOVED the top. The fabric was soft and lightweight. The button-down henley aspect was perfect for nursing Naomi. The print was so FUN!  This top was a keeper. The shorts…I slipped those on and was in love. The length was perfect, the comfort was undeniable, and I love linen fabric. So we kept those too.

photo 2

These earrings were also included in my box. I have plenty of earrings from Johari Creations (since I’m an ambassador), so there’s no need for me to add more jewelry to my collection. They were nice and subtle, which I liked.

So at the end of my photo shoot, I decided to keep the shorts and the Chevron henley. The $20 I spent for the box to come to me was credited to my purchase and I shipped the other clothes back. It was the easiest shopping experience I’d ever had and it was fun!

Check out Stitch Fix for yourself! If you feel like you need a little help in styling, this is the best way to get advice! I may never go to the mall again…



Wearing my Stitch Fix on a girls night out with some of my favorite Iowa people.





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