3 Months with Naomi

How is it that Naomi is now 3 months old?! In my heart, it seems like it was only last month that she was laid on my chest as a squealing, squishy newborn, but I look at the calendar (and Naomi) and I realize these 14 weeks have passed with the most ferocity and tenderness I have ever experienced.

I look back on these past 3 months and I wish I would have written more down. I kept thinking that I would take a few moments and journal a few notes every so often, but in those moments I decided to cuddle my babe (or take a nap…or spend time with my hubby). Even though I didn’t write down all the little moments that were so special to me, I do have quite a few engrained into my heart and mind. And just in case I forget them or I lose my mind (which could very well happen when I become a mother to 3 girls), I want to put a few of them here on the internets so that I can come back to this place and be reminded of my first year as Naomi’s mom. (so don’t feel obligated to read this post if you don’t necessarily care about what happens in the life of a 3 month old…I’m not offended! This is really just for my own future benefit :))


Dear Naomi,

Month 3 was filled with lots of development and action! You’ve always been a mover, even in mommy’s tummy but now you never stop kicking! I love how you kick your bouncer so it will make you bounce even harder. It brings lots of smiles to your beautiful face! I have a feeling that I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with you once you start moving (I actually had quite the dream last night that you started crawling at lightening speed!). You may be sleeping in this picture, but you love to make this thing move


We also moved away from disposable diapers this month and now use cloth diapers during the day (you still sleep in a disposable at night). I’d like to think that you really enjoy your cloth diapers because the prints are pretty and you’re helping minimize waste at an early age. 😉 Even daddy likes to use the Grovia cloth diapers!

You had a lot of visitors this month. Grandma & Grandpa Gravert came for 10 days in June and then your Aunt Katie and Aunt Jessie came at the end of July. You stole their hearts and there were lots of tears when we had to say good-bye to them (not from you though…unless you were hungry). You also gained a new cousin too! I can foresee lots of fun with your cousin Lily in the future!


You started sleeping through the night at week 10!! You sleep right now from about 7:30-4ish. I love that you’re still in your rock n play next to me at night and I think you like sleeping next to your mommy too. I have a feeling you’ll be staying there for a little while longer. You like to take cat naps during the day, but some days you sleep a good chunk of time which allows mommy to get in a workout, write a blog, or vacuum the floor (I’ll take cat naps over waking up in the night any day, so good job baby!).


You really like to be outside, but right now the heat is pretty brutal so we stay inside a lot! We did get to go on an early morning hike with your aunts in Sabino Canyon. Maybe we’ll do that more this month.


You are a talker! You’ve started jabbering about 3 weeks ago and you love the sounds you make and so do we! I often find you talking to yourself in the mirror on your play mat or you talk to the ceiling fan (which I still think is your favorite feature of this house). You’ve also started to giggle and when you get on a roll it’s probably the funniest and cutest thing ever!


I think that you will be my water baby! You LOVE the water, whether that be during bath time or at the pool. I started taking you to the pool at around 10 weeks so you could get used to the water and so we could cool off from the heat a little bit. You instantly relax in the water and love to look at the ripples. Daddy loves that you are a water baby and can’t wait to teach you how to swim!


Nora and Asha (our puppies) are slowly adjusting to life with a baby. They like you and will lick you every once in awhile, but mainly they just keep doing their thing. Thankfully I think you like them or at least tolerate them because their licks don’t even phase you!

Some developmental things happening in your little world right now are that you’re actually enjoying tummy time now, which I think is a miracle. You like holding your head up and checking out what’s going on down below. I have a feeling you’ll be rolling over in no time.


I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of my fog a little bit more each day and am looking forward to getting back on track with my diet and exercise more. Daddy and I are doing a Whole30 during the month of August, so hopefully it goes well!

This coming month for you, sweet Naomi, will be a big one! We will be flying to Iowa to spend a week with family and so I can be in my best friend from high school’s wedding. You’ll get to meet your Uncle Gabe, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Kaytlin and cousin Lily plus many of my friends from my time in Iowa. And then the end of August brings your daddy and my favorite time of the year…FOOTBALL! We are very excited to share the love of this sport with you! 🙂


We love you sweet Naomi and can’t wait to share more memories with you this month!





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