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influence community

I’m an introvert. I am refreshed by spending time alone drinking a cup of coffee or sipping a glass of wine at the end of the day while reading a book. When I was single and working too many hours as a personal trainer, I would drive two hours away from everyone I knew. I’d lock myself in a hotel room for the weekend and read or watch movies every other month just so I could face another 60 hour work week. Now, as a new mom, I just look forward to nap times so I can read, write or just complete chores in the quiet.

Even though I am restored through alone time, I also crave quality time and good conversations with like-minded people. When I went to the Influence Conference last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went because I had been an Influence member for about a year and wanted to learn more about blogging. I had also made some connections with people I had met online via Twitter or commenting on their blog, so I was looking forward to meeting them in person.

When I left, I was exhausted but my heart was so full. God had met me there through these other ladies who have a passion to make their online life mean something.

I may have been completely spent, but I had gained new friendships and a deeper passion for Jesus. I left feeling so blessed by Teresa who wanted to run her half marathon as an adoption fundraiser for us. I roomed with Lauren and Lindsy who have daughters in the Congo and now we send group texts to each other. I met Natalie (and stayed at her house) who encourages me every time she posts a comment on my blog. The list could go on! There were so many women who are making an impact in their communities, both  in real life and in their online communities. I felt inspired to do the same.

I’ll be headed back there this September.

Even though I’d probably feel more refreshed if I locked myself away for a weekend (being a new mommy and all), I am expectant for what God will do that weekend as I have my cup filled and emptied and filled again through conversations with like-minded ladies. Ladies who desire to use their words for the encouragement of others and the glory of God.

The Influence Conference isn’t just for bloggers, I discovered. It’s for every woman who desires to use her sphere of influence for the glory of God, whether that be as a mommy to littles, a business woman, a woman who does both, a single gal, or YOU!!

And did I mention that I’m headed back with my baby and I’ll be rooming with two other mommas who are bringing their baby?! I see a good story to be shared in the future!

I’d love to see you there in September!




  1. Sarah, I love that you have found such real friendship and support through the network, just like I have. I loved reading your story!

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