Nap Time Notes on Social Media


Back in May I was challenged by a blog post and podcast from Jamie Ivey. She had decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for 10 weeks of her summer because she was noticing how much it had started to invade her life. Every time I heard her talk about it on her podcasts or mention it on her blog, I kept thinking…I should really do that. Then I’d give an excuse for why I can’t get rid of those outlets (my Thirty-One business, staying connected with family and friends, etc). It was just over this past weekend where I noticed I was reaching for my phone at every lull in conversation or quiet moment at home. I had been doing it for ages, but for some reason just this past week it started to bother me and not only just my husband (I’ve got one patient hubby!).

This past Monday I stopped checking my Facebook and Twitter, and announced it on Instagram. I decided to keep my Instagram because it’s less “busy” for me and I’d like to continue posting pictures of my sweet Naomi!

And these past 4 days have been heavenly quiet.

I’m no longer hopping on the social media train to see what so-and-so is up to or posting or tweeting in hopes of others reading it. I’ve found a freedom in not worrying about the “likes” or posts or comments I receive on what I share. I’m not getting all bent out of shape over reading other people’s opinions on all the things (politics, food preferences, mommy wars, etc). I’m not worrying about whether I’m keeping up with other moms, wives, and women in general. I’m finding freedom in being the woman, wife, and mom God has created me to be. And when I do want to seek out advice, I can actually connect with someone in my community or research it online.

Something that Jamie Ivey said on her podcast has stayed with me. She said, “I’m no longer looking into the lives of hundreds of other people, but instead I’m focusing on my own life and those lives that I live in community with on an every day basis.” (paraphrased)

I realized that my thought life was being interrupted by something that was once just a casual way to connect with friends (who remembers when Facebook was only for colleges?!). Truthfully, I want my life back. I want to have the mental space to think about things that I care about and to create rather than just consume. I want to be fully present with my husband in the evenings and to look into the eyes of my sweet daughter as I nurse her rather than scroll through a screen.

As I mentioned before, the days have been quiet, but they sure have been hard too. I still reach for my phone more than what I’d like. I still wonder if I’m missing out on any news, but I realized if I am missing out on something, my friends will find a way to connect with me (that’s the beauty of texting). In fact, I had a call from a friend just last night who shared an exciting family update with me because she knew I wasn’t checking my Facebook feed. And it was so much more intimate and relational than being informed in the public sphere.

I know that stepping away from social media isn’t for everyone and not everyone needs to do it, so I’m not looking to tell you that you should do it too. But I do want to encourage you to check your heart.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be stepping away from those two outlets, but I know that days may turn into weeks and weeks into months.

This should be fun! And crazy! I’ll keep you posted how it goes and let me know if you decide to jump in on this crazy train too! We can encourage each other along 🙂


I should note that you may still see my blog posts and Instagram pictures on Facebook/Twitter because I know that’s how most of get to my blog and see Naomi grow! So I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to your comments. If you do want me to see something, please comment here on the blog! I am still on Instagram! So check me out there too!

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  1. Chelsea says:

    This is awesome! I do the same thing (scroll thru the phone while nursing mark) and what you said really clicked! I missing out on so much time with him and my husband because I’m constantly looking at my phone.

  2. Danette says:

    Beautifully Said, Sarah!! I May Not Be Ready To Completely Give It Up, but Perhaps Restricting The Times Of The.Day Will Feel Really Good.

    • That’s a great idea Danette! I thought about doing that, but realized I just needed to go cold turkey for awhile. I think when I come back to it, I will try to designate certain times of the day to check it out.

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