Nap Time Notes on Adoption


Naomi is down for her nap, but I think it’s going to be a short one. I won’t complain though…she slept 11 hours straight last night! Good job baby!

I realized this morning that it’s been ages since I’ve given an actual update on how we are doing with our adoption process. Partly because I’ve just not been on the blog much, but also because there hasn’t been much to update for the past 6 or 7 months.

It’s been 15 months since we first saw the pictures of our sweet girls, Glory & Moriah. 15 months of wondering what their little personalities are like and how they will adjust to living with us. There are definitely hard days as we wait, but God has been so gracious as we wait to give us peace and a steadiness. Plus, having Naomi in of our life the past 3 months has helped us keep our minds and hearts focused on what’s in front of us.

But 15 months is a LONG time y’all!

I am asked regularly how our process is going and if there are any updates. My response has turned almost auto-pilot-like. We are STILL waiting to get an approval from our immigration services to apply for their visa. What once took 4-6 weeks has taken us almost 7 months! That’s kind of been the story of our process though…

The bumps on this journey have felt more like mountains. The lows have felt devastating but the highs have brought us so much joy. The pictures we receive of the girls bring a smile to our face every time, knowing that they are well provided for gives us so much peace.

I also get asked “When do you think they’ll come home?” all the time. That has been such a mystery to everyone involved. Last year I was saying it would happen this summer. This past winter I was hoping for Christmas 2014, but now I’m just hoping they come home. It could be another year or longer, or it could be just six months. We really don’t know.

Giving up control has been one of the biggest lessons Jason and I have had to learn in this process. It’s not easy and I still struggle daily with it.

A joy and blessing that has come out of all of this is the relationships that I have developed with other moms who are waiting right alongside of us. Knowing that I have friends who are experiencing the exact same frustrations, hurt, nerves, and joy has brought sanity to my days. I even have some friends who had babies or are having babies during this process, which has been so fun. The community that is forged out of adoption is beautiful.

I can’t wait for the day when I am a mom to 3 girls 3 & under…it will be insane, but to have our whole family under one roof is my greatest dream and my most heartfelt prayer. What a beautiful day it will be when we can welcome Glory & Moriah into our arms, hearts and lives FOREVER!

My dear friend, Jenny, just welcomed home her daughter last week and tears ran down my face as I watched this video. Our day may not be soon, but it will come.

Adoption has been so hard, but God has shown that He is ever present in our hardships. He has given us countless reasons to be thankful.


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