Embracing Today

Back in January, I declared that this year my word would be Embrace. In the past I had struggled with wishing away my current season because I thought the next one would bring more happiness, more comfort, less pain…pretty much it would just be better than the life I was living now. I knew that my mindset was unhealthy. I missed opportunities to see the beauty in each day because I was focusing on how the next day was going to be different and better.

Six months into 2014, I feel that I’ve learned a lot about embracing the season of life God gave me. I fully enjoyed my pregnancy and soaked in the last few days and months of not having the responsibility of caring for a little person who needs you 24/7. We took two trips to San Diego, stayed out late with friends, went on spontaneous dates, and slept in as much as we could. I went out for coffee with friends and would stop at Panera or the mall just because I could. And when I found myself overdue, each day I chose to believe in God’s sovereign plan (even though it was hard and uncomfortable).

Now that I’ve been living in the role of a mother for two months now, I found that I am struggling with embracing the seasons I’m in again…but not in a way I expected.

Time needs to STOP. Friends had mentioned just how fast their little ones grew and how quickly time sped by, but I. Had. No. Idea. I’m looking at my two month old daughter and she looks like a giant compared to the petite 8 pounder she was when she entered this world. I mentioned to my mom the other day that she actually looks like an infant now and no longer a newborn. Cue the tears…

I find myself looking back on pictures of our first few days as mommy & daughter and it all feels so surreal and foggy. I want to go back to that time and soak in the newborn smells and cuddles even more. And as each week goes by, I am in awe of how Naomi keeps growing and learning more about her little world. I want to embrace it all and make life slow down just a little more.

Instead of learning to embrace my season of life so I don’t wish for the future, I’ve learned that I need to embrace this ever changing season so that I don’t long for the past stages of babyhood. Today I have a two month old that coos, giggles, loves cuddles, and loves the outdoors. In a month, Naomi will be able to do much more and I want to rejoice and embrace her new experiences…not lament the fact that time is moving too fast.

Yes, I don’t want to miss a moment of being her mommy. Yes, I love her babyness. But when she becomes a toddler or when she starts high school (I don’t want to think about that!), I don’t want to wish she was younger or at a different stage.

A passage that has been a source of comfort and encouragement through every season of life for me is from Psalm 16:5-6. This boundary that God has me in is pleasant and there are so many reasons to be thankful. I don’t need to think back on how another season/stage was better, because what God has for me right now is His best. Whew! That is something I need to remember today!


I have a feeling that this is a struggle for other moms too. If you’re a mom, friend, daughter, sister, worker, fill in the blank…let’s rejoice in the boundaries that God has drawn up for us today. If we do look back, let’s look back with thankfulness for that season, not regret or discontentment.

I still want time to slow down, but while I pray for a scientist to discover that phenomenon, I’ll just enjoy some extra cuddles with this sweet baby girl today.



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