Dear Naomi: One Month

Dear Naomi,

How have 5 weeks already come and gone?! It feels like it was just yesterday that you were placed on my chest as a chubby newborn and now you are (still) a chubby, squeaking, inquisitive baby. These weeks have been filled with so much joy and so many firsts.

IMG_3167You and I are both on a high learning curve. As you take in this great big world, I am slowing down to take it all in with you.  Even the joy you have in looking at our ceiling fans cause me to see the beauty in the little things. Every day is filled with new experiences and every day I look forward to coming alongside you and learning how to be your mama.

IMG_3188(One Week Old)

As I think back on these last five weeks of your life, I’m completely in awe of how God has been faithful to bring you into this world. We had prayed for you for years. There were so many tears of confusion, hurt, and frustration because I didn’t understand God’s plan and I so desperately wanted to have a baby. What I didn’t know was that God also wanted to place two little girls from the Congo in our family as well, so He caused us to wait for you. It hasn’t been an easy wait, but now that you are here and your sisters are still on the other side of the ocean, I am beginning to see why He had us wait. I don’t completely understand God’s timing and I don’t think I ever will (I’m sure that will be a lesson we will both have to learn and relearn), but I do know that God is faithful and He is so good. I am reminded of that every time I look at you.

IMG_3378(One month old and you can’t stay still for a picture already! You are going to be one busy lady!)

I’m so looking forward to month two with you! You will get to meet your Grandpa Gravert and go on your first camping trip and experience even more firsts, I am sure. Thank you for teaching me to slow down and enjoy all of the little gifts that God has given us. I pray every day that God will give me the grace and wisdom to help you grow into the little lady God has designed you to be.

I love you to the ends of the earth,



Just a few more pictures because she’s just that cute! 🙂

IMG_3251(Please mom, no more photos!)

Photo May 04, 2 08 03 PM(First Bath…she HATED it! Now she likes them though)

IMG_3358(She LOVES her Rock-n-Play!)


  1. She’s just beautiful! Soak it all in and love every minute of it! They grow so fast! I loved your post about Naomi’s sisters and God’s master plan. Enjoyed your birthing stories too. Like I told you, I also had unfulfilled expectations with my home birth but see God’s hand in it retrospectively.

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