a movement in my heart

There’s a quiet movement that’s been stirring in my soul for months. It was ignited when I first looked at those two lines on a positive pregnancy test 8 months ago in utter disbelief. There was a clear end to my season of no longer living for myself. There has never been a clear end in sight with our adoption, so the role of mothering always seemed so nebulous. But there it was, motherhood…staring me in the face. puppy staresMotherhood. Something I’ve always longed for, yet in the same breath has brought moments of complete anxiety.

I look around me and I see so many women loving their role as mom, but also struggling with it becoming their whole life. I kept hearing the lie that becoming a mother meant I would be and do nothing else. I would have to give up my passion for writing, connecting with others and investing in my God-given gifts.

But I knew this was a LIE!! I knew that somehow God was calling His daughters to live out a greater purpose. But what did that look like?

Now don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a high calling and it is good and VERY important. But it’s not our identity, it’s a role that God has given us to live out and to live out well. We have other roles in our lives…being a wife, a friend, a daughter, etc…and we are called to live those out well too.

But our identity isn’t in our role as Mother. Our identity is IN Jesus Christ ONLY (if we believe Jesus to be our savior).

As a daughter of the King of kings, I have a calling to live out the entirety of my life as an offering to God. He has given me specific gifts that I am to use in His Kingdom and to help point the world to His Kingdom.

It was a few weeks ago that my pastor succinctly phrased my hearts passion as he was encouraging women to live out a life of purpose:

Expand the vision for what you want your life to be about 

I know that I haven’t entered into the thick of the day to day, hard work of motherhood and so I know that my words may not have much clout with you yet. I want you to know that I see you. I see the hard work and I see the frustration that comes with wondering if this is all there is and I want to say to you that you are doing awesome! Keep loving on your babies! But remember to look up every so often and remember that God is piecing all of your life together to make one extraordinary piece of Art that is bringing glory to Him. He is calling us all to live a life of great FREEDOM that brings Him the most glory!

So if you have a persistent feeling in your heart that God is calling you to look beyond your role as a mom or daughter or worker, listen to that and dream with God about what He is calling out in you as His daughter.

I know for me, He is calling me to write with more vulnerability and to share the deeper thoughts I’ve been pondering in my heart about living out of our callings and gifts. I don’t know where that will lead yet, but I do know that God has giving me a passion to write and to be an encourager for women who are in the trenches of life to say “Look up! Look at Jesus! He is doing something awesome in this world and He wants you (and me) to be a part of it!”

if you’ve been wondering the same things lately, I’d encourage you to pick up the book Restless by Jennie Allen…I’m going through this book with an online book club and it has already been encouraging and helpful in seeking out what God is calling out in my life and how He has created me…as I enter a brand new season of my life in just 6 short weeks!



  1. Sarah, what a wonderful post. You beautifully describe what I have seen in my wife from the day I met her. In addition to being an exceptional mother to our four children, she is a successful Intensive Care Pediatrician and a teacher to residents and fellows. In a way, she has figured out how to “have it all.” Don’t get me wrong, it is wicked hard work, but as I told her this morning when I forwarded your post to her, God has given her many gifts and she honors him by using them every day. God bless you Sarah and your family. Your soon to be “Instant family” will be richer for who you are IN ADDITION to being a mother. You go girl.

    • Thank you Steve! I think it’s a struggle for both men & women to differentiate roles & identity. I hope that we can all be people who encourage one another to live out their roles well and live in the identity we have in Christ.

  2. God has blessed you as such a talented writer and I love your beautiful thoughts on motherhood. This was such a great reminder especially when you are NEEDED so much as a mother with young child(ren) and all of your energies seem to be used up fulfilling that role. Thanks for sharing!

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