Owls for Orphans

I can’t believe that this is the last week of February! I was talking with my dad about that very thing a few weeks back and he looked at me strange and said “I can…this winter has been rough!” I was reminded that I’ve been living in the warm Southwest during one of the harshest winters of the century! I’m fully aware that I was spoiled this winter with temperatures that barely dropped below 40 degrees, but I’m also fully enjoying this as an 8 month pregnant lady!


Two weeks ago, we celebrated our Glory’s 2nd birthday. We wanted to honor her special day and give her a gift that would hold meaning for us as we waited, but also be something that Glory would love to snuggle with when she came home. Through some research and twitter communication, we bought our first gift for Glory through Owls for Orphans (we also purchased one for Moriah for her 3rd birthday later this year).

IMG_2654Aren’t those owls the cutest things you have set your eyes on?! When they came in the mail I was so impressed with the quality of work Amy had done on each owl. Each stuffed animal is uniquely crafted at home by Amy.

After communicating with Amy about their business and learning that they offer fundraisers for families who are in process of adopting, I knew I wanted to partner with her for an adoption fundraiser.


Owls for Orphans began as an adoption fundraiser for Amy and Craig’s adoption of Maia, an 8 year-old from Bulgaria. The success of the fundraiser led Amy and Chris to open up a boutique and pay forward the generosity shown to their family. Their mission:

“Our crochet stuffed animals and latch hook rugs serve as adoption fundraisers through the Owls Boutique.  In addition to helping adopting parents through the boutique we also strive to help change the lives of orphans still waiting for their forever families through the Owl Sponsorship Program.  With your help we are able to send our crochet stuffed owls to orphans all over the world giving them love, hugs, and snuggles at a time when they are needed most.”


Starting March 3rd and ending March 16th, 25% of every purchase from the Owl Boutique will be donated towards our adoption! Our goal for the month of March is to raise $1900 and Owls for Orphans is the kick-off to our month of fundraisers. So if you are looking for a birthday gift, an Easter gift, or a get well gift for a little person in your life, this may be just the gift you are looking for! And if you don’t have a little one to shop for, you can still make a donation in honor of Glory’s birthday at our AdoptTogether website –> click here.

I will be sharing more about this fundraiser next week on my social media networks, so if you don’t follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook yet, do so today! As I said before, we have a goal of raising $1900 in the month of March. We are hopeful that we can pay off our final portion of our biggest payment to our agency before Baby Wood is born in April. Once that payment is made, I think I may just throw a party (we’ve been fundraising for this payment for almost a year…over $30K)!!!

Thank you all for coming alongside of us as we continue to wait for our girls to come home. It’s been a long road and it’s looking like it will be even longer. We know that without your love, prayers and financial support over the past 14 months, we would have waived our white flag ages ago. Adoption is HARD! But we know that God is greater and He is the defender of the Fatherless, so we continue to wage war through our prayers that God would break down the strongholds that Satan has put up against adoption and that He would change the hearts of men so that orphans around the world would be able to come home to their forever families.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.04.20 AM

(image created by my friend Lauren Mills



  1. So excited to fundraise for your family!!!