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I’ve been neglecting this little space for the past few weeks because life here on the ground has been full and exhausting. My extra time that I have had, I’ve used to just lay down…or walk into our girls’ room and wonder what my next project will be (nesting has settled in nice and strong!). I do want to get back to regular blogging and writing for many reasons…one being that I committed to it at the beginning of the year and another being that I find a lot of life and refreshment through crafting words into sentences and paragraphs (whether they are good or not).

Just to loosen up the fingers a little bit, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately.


My hearts been here a lot lately. Especially since Glory Ann, our youngest (middle child actually), turned 2 last week. That was hard. It’s hard to know how to celebrate your daughter’s life as she lives on the other side of the ocean and all you want is for her to be in your arms…

In less than 7 weeks I’m going to be meeting this little girl that has been growing inside me the past 8 months and I’m finally not terrified of the transition that I’m about to walk through. Walking through a pregnancy while in the midst of a difficult adoption journey has tested my faith and sanity in many more ways than one. Once I chose to embrace this season of life that God set me in, my heart started to rest and find freedom in His plan.


I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and have really enjoyed every book I’ve read so far and am excited for the next few books on my reading list! Below is a picture of all the books I have finished this year so far! Up next is Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt and then Restless by Jennie Allen (I’ll be joining in an online book club with this book that I am pumped about…you can join in too –> click this)


A few weekends ago, I listened/viewed an online women’s conference called the IF:Gathering and was blown away by the powerful way God moved through the words of the women. I was challenged to live my life in the Freedom I have in Christ and to engage the gifts and live in the calling that He has placed in my heart. Jason and I have been talking a lot about our passions and our future lately. As those plans and ideas are forming, God has given me an outlet for one of my greatest passions, which is to see third world mothers have the means and freedom to care for and provide for their babies so that they don’t have to sell themselves into slavery or place their children in orphanages. Johari Creations was formed to connect first world women with third women. They do this through first world women (you) buying beautiful handcrafted jewelry from third world mamas (like Morongwa). I recently became an ambassador for Johari and am thrilled to be able to tangibly help mothers across the world provide for their families even though I cannot physically leave the U.S. Next week I’ll share more about how you too can join in to help raise families out of poverty.

johari girls

Today my husband is celebrating a big birthday! Last year I shared 29 of my favorite things about this great man, so head over here to read how blessed I am to have him as my husband. He’s truly the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to share this new decade with him! I truly believe the best days are ahead of us!


On Wednesday, as part of Jason’s birthday gift, we are headed back to San Diego for a conference with Donald Miller, Bob Goff, Jon Acuff and many other writers/bloggers. The conference is called Storyline and it’s a weekend retreat that will help you refocus your life plan.

Storyline is more than a pep rally, it’s a plan. When you come, you’ll enter into a proven process that has helped thousands of people clarify their lives and enjoy their relationships. We’ll work through more than one-hundred pages of material and you’ll leave with a thirty-day process to lock in what you’ve learned.

As a lover of plans and goals, I’m excited to learn and grow. It’s also perfect timing for Jason and I as we have been discussing what life will look like for us in the next 5, 10, 20 years. Oh and we’re going to San Diego…so who can beat that?!

So there’s a little peek into life lately. May you find time to breathe this weekend and find refreshment through doing what brings you life and joy.



  1. nice to have you back! ‘The Connected Child’ is going to be a resource for us for many years, I think! Love it!

  2. Well said Sarah. Looking forward to meeting you and Jason next week in San Diego.

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