The Heart of a Father

Today you have the pleasure of hearing from my husband, Jason. Grab a tissue and enjoy reading how God has been working in Jason’s heart as we walk this adoption journey.


Adoption. It can be an insanely tiring process. You fill out a form and then you wait. Then you fill out another form and then you wait. Then someone reviews that form and you wait. Then they make corrections to that form and you wait. And on and on it seems to go.

The Waiting Game

Sarah and I have been in this process for a little over a year now, and it’s taught me quite a few things. As we have worked through it, there have been a series of “challenges” with the country we are adopting from. Some of these have been serious enough that we  wonder if things may completely fall apart and we may never bring our children home.

And here’s the hardest thing about that. As of last September, we have completed the legal court process, so legally speaking THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN!

This concept is difficult to reconcile sometimes. I have a child (two in fact) who have been named as my own. My name is on their birth certificates. The pieces to that process have been completed, but there are still things that need to happen for me to be with them.

One day not too long ago, Sarah and I were discussing the various complications that might still come up and we worried again that we might never bring the girls home. That we would never be able to be with the two little people who we had loved since we first came to know of them. That I would always be a father who could not hold and love my girls.

But then I had a moment of clarity and I realized that these are my children and I would not let anything come between me and them. I looked at Sarah and with every ounce of strength and confidence I had in my soul, I told her, “I will move heaven and earth for us to be with them. Nothing will stop me from holding my little girls. I will not let anything keep us from them.”

God the Father

And then it hit me. There was a time when I too was an orphan (spiritually). I was alone and lost and had no family to speak of. But God loved me so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to die to pay the price for me to be a part of his family. He made the first step and chased after me.

But here’s where I really began to understand God’s heart. He had the legal right to add me to His family when Jesus died. But there was still a time of waiting. He had to continue to pursue me, to affect things in my life to draw me to him. I truly began to understand what God’s love for us looks like. It is a father, who knows who his children are, and moves all of heaven and earth to be with them.

He will not give up on me and he will not give up on you, until he is able to hold you in his arms, and whisper to you, “I love you child. You are mine. And I have waited a very, very long time for you.”

And this is how I have connected with God, just a little bit more. Because I will not give up either; until I have that same chance to hold and whisper to my daughters, “I love you child. You are mine. And I have waited a very, very long time for you.”


  1. Lisa Lindauer says:

    Very well said Jason, I Pray every day that Sarah and You get the news that your two little Girl’s are coming home!! Love and Prayers, Lisa Lindauer

  2. This made me cry. Love you guys.

  3. This is Gary. It drives me to indignity that man would willing stand between Jason and his girls. Also that any man might stand between mankind and our God. I vow to set my feet and push on heaven and earth as long as I live! for Jason and Sarah and for mankind.

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