Five Minute Friday: Hero

I’m up this morning in the wee hours of the day.

Sleeping through the night has become a rare commodity as my back and hips stretch and open to make room for this sweet baby girl. Every movement I jolts me up with an achyness that reminds me that my body is not my own. Soon these sleepless nights will be filled with late night feedings and diaper changes. Another reminder that my life is not my own.

So while I can still write with both hands on the computer, I’ll keep using this time to share the art God has placed in my heart.

This morning I’m joining the Five Minute Friday community again. If you’d like to join, follow this link and Lisa-Jo explains the “rules”. Five Minute Friday




I saw the prompt on my twitter feed at 2am this morning (because I can’t sleep) and immediately felt like I needed to join in today. Not because I had something to say about heroes, but because I knew it would be a challenge to narrow down Heros in 5 minutes.

To the young dreamers, heroes are found in Superman, Batman, and every prince that rescues the princess. But through my eyes, heroes are the every day men and women who wake up and live the life that God has called them to with passion and humility and sacrifice.

I see many every-day heroes through out my day. Service men and women, nurses, fathers, cashiers, bus drivers, and waiters…but one hero stands out to me most of all right now…

Those who are called “Mommy”…

Every day she denies herself sleep, social interaction (with people older than 5), consistently clean clothes and alone time. Every day she says yes to another book to read, another answer to the question “Why”, another opportunity to share the wonder and beauty of the world that these littles are experiencing for the first time. She is the one sculpting and instructing the little hearts of her brood to grow up to be the next generation of every day heroes.

As I anticipate motherhood, I look around me and see countless women who have daily given of themselves to the high calling of investing in the little lives God has given them. These women are filled with a quiet strength that can only come from choosing to believe on the hard days that it will all be worth it and rejoicing on the good days that it is all worth it. Mothers are true heroes.

As I step into motherhood, I often wonder if I’m up for the task. I know I’m not, no one ever really is up for the task of having their world turned upside down…

But what I do know is that I am carried by the Ultimate Hero. My Hero who laid down His life for me and daily provides me with all that I need to live and breathe. So when motherhood comes knocking on my door in 10 weeks, I know I can find strength and guidance and hope from my Hero, Jesus.




  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you. I love the way you described “Mommy”. All you said is so true. And truth is that the task will educate you. No one is ready for it, but will grow in it every day and every moment. And that task will continue through whole life, I hope. Thank you for sharing and encouraging.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen laundry drawing look so beautiful! Love your photo! I love your girl-power here:) I have a hard time calling myself a hero. I don’t feel like ahero – so love reading you saying it!

  3. Growing up I never thought of moms as a heroes. When I first started having kids I didn’t think that either. I was weighed down by the responsibilities and isolation. Now thanks to all these wonderful bloggy ladies I have changed my perspective…now just to pass that on to my children.

  4. Really beautiful Sarah. 🙂 You already have started your journey of motherhood and you are already giving of yourself (physically and emotionally), so you are already a hero. You’re right, you’re never really “prepared” to be a mom. It seems like just as soon as you get a handle on one stage, they decide to change all the rules. But I truly believe that parenthood is the highest calling and that the rewards are there even on the hardest day (or sleepless night). So excited for you as you anticipate the arrival of all your children.

  5. Absolutely you can! Congratulations as you anticipate the arrival of the one who will change your life forever! I too wrote of someone who is able to be a hero as a result of, as you say, “the Ultimate hero”. Lovely post. I’m just sure you’ll make an amazing mom! Blessings

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