Adoption Update: Finally!

On April 6th, we were told of a pair of sisters who were eligible for adoption and our agency asked us if we’d like to have their pictures sent to us. We hesitantly said yes. Just a few days prior, our hearts had been wrecked when we found out we had lost our referral for two sisters. Our hearts were still raw with pain and loss. But we knew that God had called us to adopt and we wanted to continue to be faithful to that call.

Then the pictures came through and my husband’s eyes filled with tears. “Those are our girls” he whispered to me while we were in the midst of our huge, chaotic yard sale. All throughout the rest of the day I battled fear and excitement. Hoping and praying that these little girls would in fact come home to us. But still terrified that this would fall through as well.

As time continued to move forward, days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. They were still our referral, but we were waiting much longer for all of our court documents to come through than what we had been told to anticipate. (The way our country works is that once you receive a referral, you begin the court process to legally adopt your child(ren) in country. And with all the changes happen in the system things started to move slllooowly.)

Then on a sunny day in mid-January, we finally received the email we had been waiting on for 9 months and 10 days! Their court documents had been all finalized and translated! We could begin moving towards the next step of applying for their orphan visas so they can come into the U.S!. My heart was so happy, yet we still had to wait for a few more documents to come in before we could mail off all the paperwork to the USCIS. Thankfully I was used to waiting and I knew that they would come, I’d just have to be patient a little longer (some days were better than others!).

As I was filling out the orphan visa form, one of the questions asked is who has legal custody of your children…and I put Jason & Sarah Wood! By the laws of our children’s country we have legal custody of our children. They are Wood’s. They are our daughters. And they don’t even know us…and we don’t know them. But we are their parents. Officially. Forever. Wow!

Then on January 23rd, my husband mailed off our packet! We are so excited to have taken one step closer to bringing home M & G!

Jason mailed off our I600!

Now we must wait some more for their paperwork to pass through the embassy investigation and receive visa approval, which could take anywhere from 4-8+ months. So we will wait.

We thank God for their health and pray that they continue to stay healthy.

We pray that their days are filled with laughter.

We pray that their foster mom gives them lots of kisses and hugs for us.

We pray that doors will be opened for them to come home soon, but we also keep our hands and hearts open to wait for however long God determines.

Adoption has changed us. It has opened our eyes to so many different things and I am thankful for each step and each day we wait because God is working in our hearts and working in the lives of those around us.




  1. thank the Lord! prayers that the next steps would be speedy.

  2. Linda Hoskins says:

    I feel your emotions and your strength…God is at work…and I vividly remember the helpless feeling of not really knowing what stage the paper work was in. Each day is a day closer to the formality of becoming a “forever” family. Praying…

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