Five Minute Friday: Visit

As I’m working on getting back into writing more regularly, I have found that Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five Minute Friday Challenge helps my creativity juices and also connects me to other woman who have a desire share their heart through the art of writing.

“Writing is like the old friend you can always count on to tell you the truth.”

One of my goals this year is to write more, not to just be a blogger and get my readership up, but to write for the sake of writing. I don’t know how many people actually read this little blog, but my hope is that it’s a place where people can come and be refreshed and encouraged to live out their lives with purpose whether they live a big, loud life or they live a small, quiet life. God’s kingdom advances through both lifestyles and I want you to be able to embrace where He has planted you and how He has created you.

If you’re wondering what Five Minute Friday is, it’s a challenge to writers to write uninterrupted and without edits on one shared topic for five minutes and then hit Publish or share it with a friend. You can click over here to see more of what it’s about and how you can join in…


This week’s word is VISIT…


I arrived in the dark, cold last night and was embraced by the warmth of my mom and dad’s arms. This weekend I am visiting my family in Iowa to celebrate the little life growing inside me and the lives of our daughters who live half way across the ocean right now. Visiting family has been such a gift over the past three years since I moved 2000 miles away from them. It reminds me of my roots and the friendly Midwest culture that I was raised in. It keeps me tethered to the gift of family and people who have known me even before I became an adult with adult worries and burdens.

When I enter my childhood home, I am greeted by the familiar smells, noises, sights and memories. As I laid my head down in my old room, I thought about all the dreams I had in that room. I smiled as I recalled my junior high and high school days of fretting over my unruly hair in the mirror attached to the closet door. Visiting unlocks many sweet memories that only home can hold. It causes me to slow down and be thankful for the gift that God gave me in my growing up years.

Visiting my family’s home reminds me of who I was once, how much I have changed in the past 7 years, and yet how I am still very much the same Sarah that grew up in a slow paced, rural town surrounded by people who loved each other well.



  1. How wonderful you can be with your family and all of those special moment and memories can be lived while you’re visiting. Have a wonderful time and I’m glad to stop by to visit you from FMF!

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