On Monday I shared my goals and hopes for 2014. As many bloggers have already done this month, I also wanted to share my word for this year. If you read my most recent post, it won’t come as a surprise. It’s EMBRACE.

If you look up embrace in the dictionary it states:

to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly; to clasp in the arms; to seize

What if I lived my life like that this year? What if I gladly accepted the timing, the opportunities, and the challenges of my life? What if instead of hesitantly tip-toeing through the seasons of life, I seized each day with expectancy and embraced what God has given me?

I’ll tell you what it would do…It would dramatically change my thought life, my attitude, my words, and my daily actions.

I hope this year I embrace each season with open arms and a confident trust that my All-Knowing Father knows my needs and provides me with everything I need for each day.


This year, I want to focus on today. I want to embrace the life that God has given me in this moment and to live it to its fullest. I want to breathe in the air of contentment and rest in the truth that God holds my future, and that future is good.

Many changes will happen this year. I will birth a baby and become a mommy to an infant. That in it self will rock my world. But more than likely I will also become a mommy to two toddlers who will need lots of love and attention in order to thrive and feel safe in their new surroundings. What I need to remember though, is that I still have 3 months before my world is initially rocked and I don’t want to focus too much on the tomorrows. I want to embrace today.

Today I can sit at my Father’s feet for extended periods of time. Today I can write with no distractions. Today I can have coffee with a friend. Today I can take a walk. Today I can laugh with my husband. Today I can learn more about Jason and love him more deeply. Today I can choose to eat healthy. Today I can tackle an organizational task. Today I can call a friend.

Today’s possibilities are endless and beautiful. Today is a gift and I want to squeeze all the goodness out of it.

And when I wake up tomorrow, I can do the same thing and see new beauties and new gifts God has given me.

This year I hope to:

Embrace my season of life.

Embrace the struggles that will come.

Embrace the joy, laughter, & gifts I am given.

Embrace my husband & the calling he is given.

Embrace my friendships.

Embrace the art I was made to live.

Embrace the children God has given me.

Embrace change (whew hard one!).

Embrace Jesus.

Embrace adventure.

Embrace simplicity.

Embrace Life!


Have you thought about a word you want to live by this year? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below!


  1. For years while teaching high school students I would hear them talk about living life to its fullest and what they really meant was to party and have as much fun as possible. I often worried about this attitude because I knew that it would not satisfy. Filling your life with fun is so fleeting. That attempt often leads to alcohol and drug use and a party spirit that only sounds fulfilling but leaves emptiness. I wanted them to know joy, joy in the tough things of life as well as the fun things. Yes joy in friends and community but also joy in throwing your feet out of bed in the morning to go to work or to care for that crying baby at 2 am or to check out that noise down stairs. Joy in finally finishing today’s job whether it be correcting those papers or having next week’s game plan done. Joy in cleaning the house, mowing the yard, or joy in learning that new song or reading Shakespeare or suffering through Shakespeare as most of my student did.
    Your blog gives me joy that yes my students grow up and find out what living life to its fullest really means.
    OK you are my daughter but you were also a student and an athlete of mine!


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