Goals for 2014

I recently shared a bit of my reflections on last year and how it was just plain, old hard. It was good to reflect, but it’s been even better for me to look forward. I love to plan, schedule, and create routines. It helps my heart feel prepared for what may or may not come up during the year. What I’m not so good at is following through on all those lovely plans. This is where my little blog will hopefully help this sister out!

I’m hoping that I will be able to see the joy in each season I walk through this year. As I was looking ahead into 2014, I realized there are many unknowns. I don’t know what life will look like with a newborn. I don’t know when our daughters will come home from Africa. I don’t know if my kitchen will get a remodel (maybe a dishwasher!) this year.  And there are probably more unknowns that I can’t even anticipate!

As a recovering control freak this is what caused fear to surface in my heart, but thankfully God intervened during my time in San Diego. I had the breathing room to think through how I want to live this year differently and that all started by focusing on setting goals to help me not just stay sane this year (which I think they will), but also to thrive within whatever season God has placed me in.

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“You (God) keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

I’ve had that verse memorized since college, but it was when my husband shared the passage with me a few weeks ago did I realize just how important that practice was for me in this specific stage of life. When my mind is stayed on God, He promises to keep me in perfect peace. He doesn’t promise that everything will go perfectly, but he does promise peace. And peace is what I need as I enter a season of who-knows-what!

As I focused my heart on the things of God, He revealed a few things to me that will help me to stay in that peace. And they aren’t even spiritual! 😉 They are all geared towards living with intention and focusing on what matters most.

How about I stop rambling and just share with you my 2014 “goals”…okay? okay!

  1. Live a lifestyle that brings more energy to my days through clean eating (limit grains & refined sugars by 80%), exercise (move for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week), and self-care (chiropractor, massage, time away, coffee dates with friends).
  2. Live a lifestyle of simplicity and creativity in my home by organizing each area of the home to be a warm, useful, welcoming gathering place for my family and those who we are in community with (Focus on one area of the house a month to organize and simplify).
  3. Read and write more often instead of mindlessly distracting myself with technology. Be intentional with my time on social media and entertainment. (Write 500 words a day. Read 24 books).
  4. Commit to creating a home that gathers friends and family around our table to share meals and to share our lives with one another (have dinner guests at least once a week-outside of our missional community night).
  5. Be present with my husband when he is home and be intentional about pursuing him while he is away (Turn off that dang phone or TV and engage with my husband).
  6. Set and live by our budget so that we can continue to save for the future and work towards debt freedom.

Seeing this list, I am energized by it! I know that these goals are areas that I want to grow in. I have already seen changes in my heart as I’ve focused on living my life in such a way that embraces what I have been given. I’m also well aware that these goals my shift a little as we add more little ones to our family, but this is a lifestyle that I want our family as a whole to embrace as well.

  • Focusing on people rather than stuff.
  • Staying disciplined in our health and spending habits.
  • Simplicity in our home and in our schedules.
  • Experiencing the good gifts that God has given us and sharing them with others.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m looking forward to 2014 with all it’s crazy unknowns and life changes (Remind of this post 4 months from now…)! What are some of your goals for this year?



  1. Love your goals, Sarah! 🙂


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