My Month in Pictures!

This holiday season I took an unannounced and unplanned break from this blog. I did jump on here to share a little of my mama heart during the adoption process that you can read here if you’d like.  To get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a little of what life looked like over the past month in the Wood household. We’ve been busy with travels, DIY projects, holidays, our anniversary, purging, and preparing for three kiddos to live in our little house!

A few weeks before Christmas we dropped off this care package filled with clothes, gifts, and lovies for our sweet girls in hopes that it would make it before Christmas! We were told that it arrived in their city on the 23rd, so it was highly likely that they received our package around Christmas! (ps-isn’t Jason’s beard epic! Be on the lookout for a beard fundraiser soon!)

IMG_2129It was fun to get our house set up with Christmas decorations this year, knowing that we would actually be home for Christmas this year. Asha made called that spot the entire time the tree was up!

IMG_2136We took a trip to Madison for Jason’s work and had quite the experience getting there and back! We had a great time visiting friends in Madison while we were there and we were also able to spend the weekend with Jason’s family. It was such a blessing to be able to be with them and to attend Jason’s grandmother’s funeral services. Every year we live in the Southwest I am more and more thankful to live in a warm climate! It was so cold!

IMG_2173While in Madison, I was able to spend 4 days all to myself with no housework or other responsibilities! I spent many hours in coffee shops, enjoying decaf yummy, warm drinks.

IMG_2182I had a handmade Christmas this year! It was so special that each of my gifts were handcrafted by women that I have been following on Instagram/Twitter this year. Here is NS Pottery & JessicaNdesigns‘ latte mug and spoon. Below is the homemade jewelry organizer that Jason found on Etsy. My other gifts were made with love by MercyInk, The Adopt Shoppe, She Does Justice, & The Printed Palette. I also loved giving handmade gifts this year, many of them from Johari Creations! Check out those links for some beautiful merchandise!


IMG_2264We were able to check off “attend a bowl game” from our bucket list in 2013! We were given free tickets to go to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl game in Mesa. We had a blast at the tailgating party and at the actual game. Kansas State well-handedly beat Michigan, so I was a little disappointed in the Big10, but it was still a great game!

IMG_2273January 1st is a very special day in our home and it’s not because it’s the New Year. We celebrated our third wedding anniversary that day! To commemorate it, we packed up and drove to the ocean! We had the most amazing 5 days in San Diego. I’ll write a post just about that time away with Jason, but here are some pictures from the extended weekend. We relaxed at coffee shops, hiked to beautiful areas, went whale watching, and just spent time connecting, reviewing last year, and setting goals for next year. I would highly recommend a yearly weekend trip to every married couple. We fell in love all over again and just enjoyed each other’s presence. It was just what we needed after a doozy of a year!

IMG_2453This (poor quality photo) was taken on our anniversary dinner date at Flemmings. We had such a beautiful evening with one another, even though I was starting to feel crummy. So thankful for this man and how he leads our family.

anniversary dinnerJason was able to spend some time getting back into his passion of photography. Once he edits all of his work from that weekend, I’ll direct you to his blog to check it out! And we had to get in a picture of our sweet baby bump! This little girl will be making her appearance in three short months (what?!)!

IMG_2313We actually got a picture together! One of my favorite mornings…hiking down a cliff to a beach while the tide was coming in. The ocean is my favorite and even though I may have gotten soaked it was so beautiful.


This is our very first outfit we have bought for our sweet girl! We were only minutes away from The Printed Palette‘s shop and thankfully a friend reminded me of this on Instagram. What fun to meet the woman behind the Instagram account! Love this store and adore this little outfit!

IMG_2448We started working on our first projects for getting a room ready for all of the girls (yes, all three will share a room)! Step one in bedroom makeovers is to get our office/guest bedroom set up so we can move all. the. things out of the room that will be our girls’ room! Shelving is almost ready to be put up 🙂


Well if you’ve followed this far, congrats! You’re done with my picture tour! We have had quite the busy holiday season and are really looking forward to getting back into a routine. I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on this past year and planning for 2014. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll share what God has been speaking to me about what He is doing in my heart and how He is preparing me for this year.

Until then, I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas and New Year! As I enter 2014, my prayer is that God will continue to work in my heart and teach me how to embrace each season of life that He has given me.


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