Happy Birthday Mom!

This afternoon I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Madison, WI, staring out into a frigid winter wonderland. We flew in last night after a marathon of adventures while in transit. We were 10 minutes from landing in Madison at 4pm when the pilot came on the sound system and told us that the plane ahead of us ran off the runway, so we were being diverted to Chicago! I’ve never been that close to a plane accident, but thankfully no one was injured…probably just very shaken up! To make a long saga of getting off the plane in Chicago and back on 2 or 3 times short…it was horrible. Thankfully I had a great book to keep me occupied and a husband to rub my aching back. Even our little one was getting very antsy (I’m still not used to being kicked on the inside!)! We finally fell on our hotel bed at 10pm that night. I was never happier to see a hotel bed than last night!

Needless to say, I’m happy to be here and happy to not be traveling for the next week.

As you may have noticed my tag line…today is my mom’s birthday! I wanted to give her a little shout out on my little blog today because she is a woman who has lived out the byline of my blog name.

“An ordinary woman making simple small steps for an extraordinary and big God!”


(Mom-we need to take more pictures together…)

The closer I am to becoming a mother to 3 girls, the more I am seeing how God is knitting my mom and I together to bond over having three daughters. I am the oldest of four children, the first three were girls before my baby brother came along to bring a little rowdiness to the drama. Honestly, I always thought I would be a boy-mom because of how much I can’t stand girlie things, but God decided otherwise and is giving me three girls all in a year! (deep breath…)


I’m sure that we kept you on your toes during our little years…and probably even more in our teen years! (ignore the photo-bombers!)

I’ve been trying to think of how to describe and honor my mom today and the two words that keeps coming back to me is selflessness and instruction.  My mom is a teacher by trade, but also by heart. She filled our home with the love of learning. She would help us every night with homework or just extra lessons in areas we needed more guidance in. I remember sitting with her at our kitchen table struggling over how to count change as a 1st grader and my mom was there patiently helping me think through the process. As I grew, she continued to encourage me in my education and be my number one cheerleader in all things. She also encouraged me to grow in my knowledge of God. She is a woman who seeks to live for Jesus and to pass that on to her children. I think God worked through her to develop 4 adults who love Jesus. My hope and prayer is that our home will also be filled with a love for learning. Not just for school, but a desire to know God.

I’ll let you in on a secret about my mom…she HATES change! She loves consistency. When we moved towns in between my 6th & 7th grade, I think that was a hard season for her (actually I know!). But she did it because she knew that it was the best thing for our family. She laid down her desire for constancy and comfort so that her family could make a necessary change. That is just one example of her selflessness, but I could list a million ways she has laid down herself for the good of our family.

Her selflessness is one aspect that I hope and pray will define me as a mom. I think every new mom worries whether she will be able to lay down her desire to sleep, to read, to do anything uninterrupted by little people day in and day out. I know that there will be days that I will fail, because every mom does. But because of the grace we have in Jesus, we can start fresh the next minute, hour, or day. I see that in my mom. I see how God poured out grace on her during rough days and how God emulated His grace and love through her when life was “easier”.

Happy first day of being a mom!

Mom, I am looking forward to the days ahead when we can share more and more life experiences as I enter motherhood. Thank you for being an example of selflessness to me and for giving me a deep love for learning that I can pass on to my little brood. I hope you know how loved and cherished you are on your birthday…and every day!

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