The Thrill of Hope

photo(photo taken from the Influence Network)

Hope. It’s what we all look for isn’t it?

Hope that our children will come home. Hope that our family will transition well when more are added to the brood. Hope that all will turn out for the best. Hope that life will just. get. easier.

But sometimes (most of the time) we look for hope in the wrong places. We look to a system or to a government to make things better. We look to timelines or schedules to fill us with hope. We look to our own children and husbands to give us satisfaction and hope. We take our eyes off the One who gives us true and everlasting HOPE and in turn we grow weary. I’m not sure about you, but this year, I’ve grown weary. Disappointments in timelines and unexpected circumstances had me confused and doubting the goodness of God….

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