A Few of my Favorite Things

I mentioned yesterday that I love paper-beaded necklaces and so I had to share another beautiful piece! And my friend Kristen shared a little more about how the beads are made and where they are made. It’s a very special piece for her:

I want to share about the paper beads, as they are some of the most time consuming pieces, yet the cheapest to purchase. I am partial to these, as they were made in Uganda. Each individual bead will never look like another, because they are made from strips of paper. The artisan starts with a small post to create the eventual hole to string through – then then tightly wrap paper around and around and AROUND until they have created the desired size. The beads are then lacquered and hung in the sun to dry. The Ugandan artisans then string the beads to create these very unique pieces. One of the things I really enjoy about the Ugandan artisans is that they work in the EXACT same village where my family lived while we were in Uganda for 73 days. I can completely and honestly say, I recognize where they work! (this necklace is priced at $32)

paper beads


I am also in LOVE with the Cozy Zip Wrap! It’s made in Peru from 95% Alpaca. It looks so warm and cozy (hence the name, I’m sure!)! This might be a little warm of a scarf for living in the desert, but for all my friends living in “cooler” temps-this looks perfect!

photo 4


Another favorite for me are the Nahuala Rectangle Trays (set of 3).  These trays are made by a family operated carpentry shop in Guatemala. This along with all of the other Home & Gift items in the shop are 30% off all week long! The set is regularly $36, but right now it is $26!! Such a beautiful gift for any member of your family!

Nahuala Rectangle Trays


You can find more items at the Noonday store (www.noondaycollection.com). And remember Kristen is donating 10% of the proceeds towards our adoption THIS WEEK ONLY!! To find out how to order, go HERE.

Kristen is also hosting a giveaway! With every 10 orders, she will draw a name for a $25 gift certificate for your next purchase! So far we have had 6 orders! Let’s try to get 4 more orders TODAY!

Thanks so much for partnering with us!

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