Don’t go this alone…

Last night I wrote a post for Mercy Found and little did I know that the words I wrote last night were the words that I needed to hear today. I’m so thankful for the online community of adoptive moms that I’ve found through Facebook, the Influence Network & MercyFound Ministries.

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don't go this alone

Many of us at MercyFound have been writing about finding your people while on this adoption journey and I think that it’s because we have all realized how much of a lifeline like-minded sisters are during this time. Adoption is a wild roller coaster and if we don’t have others to hold our hands than we often can spin out of control.

I have been blessed to have found a solid group of ladies online that I can genuinely call my friends and sisters. I can text these ladies anytime throughout the day or night and they will respond and I would do the same for them. Just this morning one of them called just to see how my day was going and to tell me that it snowed in Illinois (I live in the hot desert of Tucson, but my roots are in the Midwest).

The sad thing is…none of us live in the same zip code…so we need our local friends too

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