Living Unplugged: Rachel’s Experience

Today I’m having a close friend that I met way back in college share how living unplugged this month has positively impacted her life as a wife, mom, and woman. I love what she has to say, specifically because of how it changed the way she parented her daughter during the day. Enjoy reading Rachel’s words!



Hi! My name is Rachel Jones a friend of Sarah’s from college. Sarah asked me to share a few thoughts on how living unplugged has impacted me these past few weeks. When I first saw Sarah’s post about living 31 days without television, I really wanted to try it as well. I was in the habit of having the television on in the background while playing with my daughter during the day. As she’s gotten older, I have noticed her paying more and more attention to it and I knew we needed a change. I was kind of scared of turning it off because I thought it would be way to quiet and I would get bored. I have to admit I have cheated a number of times, but it’s still made a big difference in my life.

These past few weeks, I’ve noticed I spend my day differently. One thing I’ve realized is that I give my daughter a lot more attention with the TV off. It’s funny how much attention I had been paying to something that was just supposed to be background noise. We are also no longer trapped to playing in the living room (which is where the TV is). We are upstairs reading books in her room, outside taking walks and playing at the park, and taking field trips to the library or the gym. I’ve also noticed a difference in how my husband and I spend our evenings. My husband was never a big fan of TV (unless we were watching sports) so he was typically doing something else (like playing on the computer) while I watched my favorite shows. He is definitely appreciating the time we have together just sitting side by side reading or listening to music.

Turning off the TV has also positively impacted my walk with God. At about the same time this challenge started, I was challenged by two friends to do a devotional every day for 30 days. I’m not usually very good at following through on these types of things, but without the TV to distract me and my friends holding me accountable, I’ve now successfully had my devotionals 13 days in a row! (I know it’s not that many days but it’s good for me) I’ve also felt like I am getting more out of them because I’m not rushing to finish so I can watch another TV show. I am really able to savor my time with the Lord and I find myself looking forward to my time with God and feeling challenged in ways I haven’t felt since college.

I definitely believe these two challenges have renewed and refreshed my spirit. I can tell that my attitude towards being a stay at home mom has changed for the better. Once this month is over, I hope to continue to keep the television off during the day and to only watch a few select shows at night (I’ll be honest, I’m dying to catch up on Parenthood.) I hope this has encouraged you to try fasting from a distraction in your life. You never know what positive effects it might have.


Did anyone else take on the challenge this month? If so, share how it impacted your day-to-day life below!


  1. I never watch tv, it is unplugged in my basement. I went without one for two years. Life is supposed to be lived, not watched.


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