November is Adoption Month!

adoption sunday

I am so excited for the month of November on my blog! I will be highlighting different aspects of adoption because this month is Adoption Awareness Month (did you know that?) AND I will also be introducing you to a few ladies who I have the honor to call my friends. I have met all of them in this crazy social media world and each of them have a beautiful story to share.

Lindsy, Lauren, Megan, & Natalie are all somewhere on the adoption journey. One has brought home her kiddo, a few are are foster parents, and a few are like me and waiting, waiting, waiting. I have met all of these ladies (except McCall) in real life and let me tell you, they are gems.

I’m also highlighting them because they are ordinary women, like you and me, who have taken the gifts God has given them and are making an impact on the Kingdom of God. When I revamped my blog and changed my name to Plain + Small, I shared how I wanted this space to be a home for people to find encouragement to take big or small steps in their faith to make an impact in their sphere of influence. Each of these ladies are examples of what that looks like. A few of them have started businesses to help the orphan and the widow. And we will be doing giveaways to share their products with you! So fun!

So keep a look out on Fridays in November! Also be praying about how God can use you and the talents He has given you to make an impact in the Kingdom of God!

Here is a clip from Francis Chan sharing his heart for adoption:

Francis Chan For Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.


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