Navigating the Hard Questions {Mercy Found}

Today I’m over at Mercy Found Ministries talking about navigating the hard questions we sometimes get as adoptive parents and how friends and family can walk this road with us. Mercy Found is a ministry blog created to help adoptive families find community and encouragement on their journey of providing families to the fatherless.


navigating hard waters

When we parents are in the throes of adoption, we are asked all kinds of questions aren’t we? Whether we are just starting our journey or have already brought home our children, those around us always seem to have questions. Sometimes they are great, loving, and thoughtful questions and we love to answer them. But other times, whether they are great or whether we feel judged by them, we just want to pay no heed to them. And we each have our own triggers, don’t we adoptive parents?

Or maybe you’re the friend of an adoptive parent and want to be better at asking questions or encouraging your friends who are adopting or have adopted. (Can I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart!)


Head over here to read the rest of what I have to say about my heart for community to raise up for families who have adopted.


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